News Digest July 29, 2012

  • Dell is Facing Challenges in the Cloud

    The schedule announced last year by Dell regarding their plans to launch Cloud-based app services was deemed too aggressive by experts, and right now it looks like said experts were right, as Dell is encountering unexpected delays with their planned roll outs.

    One of the key […]

  • The Case for Private-Cloud File Storage and Sharing

    by Paula Skokowski

    Where’s Your Data?

    In the world of IT, what could be more fundamental than keeping control of enterprise data and making that data accessible to authorized employees? Yet today, a growing number of IT organizations find it challenging to meet this requirement.


    The consumerization of IT and the dawn of the […]

  • Cloud Computing Becoming Popular With Call Centers

    With the steady adoption of cloud computing services by call centers in South Africa, Ishe Zingoni believes that cloud computing adoption rate will accelerate for the next 5 years. He is an ICT industry analyst of Frost & Sullivan who addressed the IT Web’s Virtualization […]

  • Threats and Opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs)

    Cloud computing is increasingly becoming a land of opportunities for companies in various industries. It is clear that we are migrating from the PC era (all information stored and available in one place) to the era of Cloud (information moved and accessed from any location and device), and in this process many IT vendors […]

  • Introducing Capture-to-Cloud Content Sharing

    When it comes to capturing snapshots of volatile web content, sharing prototypes of web apps, or even sharing of sites that are saved in a location that your collaborator has no access to, the old solution was to take a screenshot using the SYS REQ key, paste it onto word or Photoshop, and send […]

  • Fujitsu Announces Agricultural Cloud Project

    To be officially launched in October, Fujitsu says that the new project will use remote field sensors all over Japan. A cloud-based platform will be provided in order to help Japan’s old farms. Named as “Akisai”, the service will combine data from various network cameras and […]

  • Online Backup Provider Backblaze Raises $5 Million

    Backblaze, a leading online backup provider, announced today they have inked a deal with TMT Investments Plc to obtain $5 million in equity funding. Backblaze is already profitable and growing quickly and this funding will be used to accelerate hiring for product development, global marketing, and partnerships. To date, Backblaze has been primarily self-funded […]

  • Turning the Cloud Green

    Now that cloud computing and Virtualization are being embraced by the industry at a rapid pace, IT environments are starting to grow in complexity at an alarming rate. This is compounded by the growing pressure placed on organizations to reduce the environmental footprint of their IT systems.


  • How Cloud Computing is Changing the Traditional IT Landscape

    In the 1948 play Death of a Salesman, the character Willy Loman, who is a salesman, experiences a downward spiral caused by his inability to adapt to the industry after it has been changed by the war. Nowadays, we are seeing something similar in the real world, as a large number of traditional IT […]

  • Big Data: Setting the Technology Framework

    By Molly Stamos

    Big Data is a “Wild Wild West” movement, with companies in all industries trying to figure out whether to invest in these supercharged analytics projects, and how.  The CEO wants the game-changing results he’s been reading about in the press. Yet there are significant risks when it comes to IT investment […]

  • Opportunities for ISVs Moving to the Cloud

    A Primer for ISVs moving to the cloud

    by Sanjeev Kumar

    There is a tectonic shift taking place in the IT industry with the advent and adoption of cloud computing. According to IDC, a leading global market research firm, worldwide sales of public IT cloud services will reach $55.5 billion in 2014 with a […]

  • How Can Cloud Computing Secure IT Jobs?

    Cloud Computing is one of the biggest catalysts of change within the IT Industry. On the one hand, it provides businesses and organizations a way to be more productive, cost-effective, and to reduce the burden of data management. On the other hand, it has struck fear in a large number of networking professionals and […]

  • Gartner: Cloud Spending on Public Services is Growing Rapidly

    Global spending on IT products and services will grow 3% in 2012 to 3.6 trillion dollars, according to figures presented by research firm Gartner. The forecast is higher than the 2.5% growth projected to Gartner released earlier this year.

    Global spending on IT services will grow 2.3% to $864 billion in 2012, while hardware […]

  • Mobile Life Rewards In The Cloud

    How about something light and fun?

    Earning discount codes for shopping in a specific store, getting praise for visiting a bar regularly, earning virtual points for losing a few pounds – these are things that used to sound like they belong in a science fiction film, but are now turning into commonplace activities, thanks […]

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