Fujitsu and ServiceMesh Partnership on the Cloud

Fujitzu and ServiceMesh announced their partnership that is expected to bring together more enterprises from the public and private cloud. The partnership will open doors for ServiceMesh customers allowing them access to the global cloud platform of Fujitzu. Through this move, customers will now have access to building their own hybrid cloud at a much lower cost.

ServiceMesh offers Agility Platform for cloud governance, work-flow automation, policy management and cloud security through hybrid environments. Using a single interface, they will be able to span multiple internal and external clouds through this management interface. This will improve public and private cloud provisioning for international boundaries and multiple-layered cloud service providers.

Fujitzu, on the other hand, will benefit from ServiceMesh’s ease-of-use feature. The partnership hopes to boost enterprises to venture on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms.

Fujitzu currently, has a number of global network located in Australia, Japan, US, UK, Germany and Singapore. This confirms the fact that Fujitzu already has a significant global reach and scale on demand both for small scale and large scale business enterprises.

Vice president of strategy at ServiceMesh,.Dave Roberts said, “Enterprises need flexibility to access high-performance and cost-effective cloud-based IT resources around the world. Fujitsu’s global cloud provides the footprint for global IT resources, while ServiceMesh’s Agility Platform delivers the unified governance.”

“We are delighted at the ServiceMesh announcement, which gives enterprise customers an easy way to build and deploy applications across our global network of cloud platforms, enabling them to meet local data residency and compliance requirements,” Senior vice president Cloud, Fujitsu Global Business Group, Cameron McNaught said in a statement.

Local data storage and compliance issues are usually critical issues in any enterprise, but Fujitzu has these on their list of strengths because it offers regional data center, which is usually part of compliance requirements.

Compliance issues are usually a concern for medical, financial and large companies that would like to venture on the cloud technologies. The partnership of ServiceMesh’s governance and Fujitzu’s physical cloud framework is a strong partnership for they can assure their customers of less trouble on compliance issues.

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