BrainEngine Launches Revolutionary Approach in Developing On-Demand Applications

Some JavaScript developers are already using the open source application Cloud9 IDE, powered by the platform and make use of HTML5, node.js,, among others.

With the quest to be more efficient and productive, BrainEngine developed the first true cross-platform IDE called the BrainEngine Developer Workbench. BrainEngine brings a true cloud based integrated development environment to Salesforce platform. It’s the most innovative approach in developing on-demand applications.

Their service features an innovative cloud-based development environment that allows administrators and developers to design, develop, deploy and maintain their applications from their web browser. This  brings the desktop development experience to the cloud as it introduces a revolutionary approach to development.

BrainEngine’s Visual Studio-like tools functions similar to salesforce’s with added features such as – Enhanced Query Editor, ODBC Query Builder, Data Editor, Database Migration Assistant and Code Pointers. Its innovative scripting editor brings most of the same code editing features found in the Visual Studio code editor to salesforce.

Some interesting highlights of BrainEngine’s environment are as follows:

  • Delivers first class Subversion hosting to project teams
  • Provides a powerful SOQL editor with syntax highlighting and SOQL auto-completion
  • Own Subversion repository and access for each account
  • Ability to generate Entity Relationship Models (ERDs)
  • Allows real-time team collaboration with support for Peer Code Reviews

Java and .NET and developers have been using hosted services such as Subversion hosting, project tracking and team collaboration, and BrainEngine are continuously working to provide this. Currently, the platform is built on Silverlight but an HTML 5 version is already on its way.

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