Cloud Extend Boosts Sales Team Productivity with Process Automation

Some business people often require assistance from IT professionals or third party system integrators due to their limited ability to make modifications that incorporate their sales process and methodology. There are also potential users that are not well-versed in SaaS program applications.

As the need in simplifying virtualized services increases, Active Endpoints, Inc., the process automation company, is broadening its tools to reach a much wider user base. They are now offering a user-driven customization for sales managers, sales operations, and product marketing people to fully customize their Salesforce experience based on their needs.

Cloud Extend for is the first in a series of Cloud Extend products for SaaS applications that puts SaaS customization into the hands of business users. This is built on the platform for

Cloud Extend operates by offering a tool in creating and modifying custom interactive sales guides. This tool is based on a unique technology  that allows visualization, creation or modification of guidance trees and screenflows that users can use even without training. With this new Salesforce add-on, even non-IT professionals can manage it too.

This Salesforce add-on tool is useful for organizing Salesforce functions for an entire team, replicating the right sales patterns, assisting users adhere to data consistency and acquiring sales knowledge. It features a dynamic board that scales sizes and positions as you build out your guides that can be shared with the entire team.

Since Active Endpoints aim at boosting sales team productivity, they can support a steady methodology beyond Salesforce’s own offerings as they collect necessary data for your analytics.

In line with Active Endpoints latest offering, there will be a couple of live talks this week. On May 5, company CTO Michael Rowley Ph.D., will be presenting a talk on Cloud Extend with the theme, “Your Cloud Application Isn’t Done Yet.”  On May 4, Principal Analyst Mike Gualtieri from Forrester Research, Inc. will be featured in a related webinar, “3 Steps to Get Business Users on Your Side,” to encourage business users to design SaaS process applications.

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