Rackspace Developers Move To Nebula

Seven of Rackspace’s OpenStack developers have moved to Nebula. According to Chris Kemp, Nebula CEO and Founder, the migration of these personnel is just a “getting them back together” as he and most of the group members have worked together in the NASA project more than 2 years ago. A lot of the personnel had been absorbed by Rackspace when it acquired Anso Labs in early 2011. The personnel move is not expected to have an impact on the OpenStack project which was began by NASA and Rackspace. When the project was started, Chris Kemp was NASA’s CTO. Kemp downplayed the migration’s negative impact on Rackspace by saying that “They have lots of bright folks”.

On the other hand, Rackspace has launched its public cloud and is setting up an OpenStack Foundation which is expected to carry on OpenStack’s organization and community development. OpenStack implementations are now being made available online from such companies like Hewlett-Packard and Internap. The OpenStack developers banded together to create an alternative to Amazon and VMware.

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