How Amazon Web Services is Pioneering the Cloud

The concept of cloud refers to the paperless computer hardware resources (cloud computing) and software (Software as a Service). This model tends technology strategically to win business. But it could reshape the IT landscape especially professional to lead to a new paradigm – thanks to the emergence of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As a result, the market for computing resources may be profoundly changed. Why? Because companies no longer need to invest in loss of hardware and software overused. They can now hire Amazon Web Services tailored to their needs. For the two major advantages of this model are its flexibility and measurability.

Amazon Web Services enables companies to eliminate some of their expenses, especially in hardware and other technologies become more efficient and pay only for their use of AWS.

For example, a start-up called the Climate Corporation analyses 10,000 simulations of weather reports for more than one million locations in the US to study client condition. It then re-shapes the data based on root structure and soil porosity in the benefit for thousands of farmers.

Another start-up called Cue uses AWS to scan thousands of Facebook updates and corporate documents, more than 500 million e-mails, and corporate documents to create an outline of biography for a given person, enhances your existing calendar by automatically connecting your events to related phone numbers or message you for a lunch if you are running late.

“I have 10 engineers, but without AWS. I guarantee I’d need 60,” said Daniel Gross, Cue’s 20-year-old co-founder. “It just gets cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper.”

Gross said he would probably need $2 million investment to carry out the computing tasks by themselves against $100,000 a month with Amazon.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard’s EdX, a global online education program, is another example in education sector that conducts single class to over 120,000 students together on AWS cloud technology. Moreover, millions of people in Africa buy cars online using services running on AWS.

“We are on a shift that is as momentous and as fundamental as the shift to the electrical grid,” said Andrew R. Jassy, the head of AWS. “It’s happening a lot faster than any of us thought.”

Amazon lowered by up to 15 times the price of AWS since its launch, thanks to economies of scale. This allows users to be more agile, since they have to think about how long you use the service, which will reach the market faster, and is essential in the current economic climate.

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