IDC: Data Center Investment is Critical to The Success of The Internet of Things

Without adequate investment in the new enterprise data center, the development and deployment of enterprise devices and services related to the Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to engulf the companies. The IoT will be a primary driver of investment in technology over the next decade, according to IDC.

The research firm says more than 20 billion connected devices will revolutionize the market by 2020, and immediate action needs to be taken to increase the data center capacity. The installed capacity of data center workloads consumed by the IoT will increase about 750% between 2014 and 2019. IDC says that investments in IoT hosted data center platforms will be essential to fulfill the promise of the Internet of things at any time, place and for any connectivity model.

IDC noted that “equal, or even greater, investments in the IoT platform services residing in the data center will be instrumental in delivering the IoT promise of anytime, anywhere, anyhow connectivity and context. Given the number of devices connected and the amount of data generated, businesses must focus on their IoT service platform requirements at the level of the data center itself, not just the individual servers or storage devices.”

IoT will also ensure a more rapid conversion of data centers toward the cloud. Likewise, a forced expansion of networks is necessary so that there are no bottlenecks. Many businesses will invest in outsourcing such data, hiring data center services. Another IDC finding indicates the increased importance of analytics of the things, making hyper-scale data centers an important component of most IoT service offerings in 2019.

An important indicator of the degree to which organizations are prepared to IoT is whether they have identified a technical direction and business to their IoT commitments.

Adapting to workload will also have an effect on how IT systems and services are deployed in the data center. IDC believes that the IoT will stimulate the development of new server and storage capacity. This revolution implies a profound transformation of production processes and an increasing convergence between the industrial system, ICT technologies, and communications infrastructure.

Also according to a Gartner report last year, the Internet of Things will produce a rapid erosion of the storage capacity of the data center. The data center managers must develop storage capacity management systems that look to the future and able to respond to the priorities. As per Gartner, the analysis of the IoT information collected will lead to the transformation of the data and eliminate 80 percent of business processes or products by 2020.

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