'IBM Cloud' Hosts Phillips Smart TV

When IBM recently launched a cloud platform designed for consumer electronics, the first company to sign up is Phillips. Dubbed simply as IBM Cloud, IBM’s offering will power the Phillips smart TV platform for internet services, allowing the consumer electronics company to deliver interactive services to millions via their TV sets in more than 30 countries, including Europe, Brazil, and Argentina.

According to the company’s announcement, IBM cloud services will be provided on a pay per use model via TP Vision, which is a joint venture between Phillips and TV manufacturer TPV based in Amsterdam, and is the main company responsible for the R&D of Phillips Smart TV.

IBM’s cloud platform will allow TP Vision to place the service and application intelligence to the cloud, which in turn will reduce the complexity of managing software in the TVs. The end result is a more cost-effective and flexible way to create new services for the end user. The pay per use model also allows them to predict costs, allowing for a more reasonable pricing for their services.

As the internet and smart devices continue their impressive penetration into the home entertainment market, the consumer electronics industry is taking notice, ensuring that they get their piece of the market by delivering new interactive entertainment services that take advantage of these new technologies.

It is predicted by experts that Television sets will eventually evolve into the next open application platform, much like the way mobile devices have evolved. In the center of this industry shift is IBM’s cloud, which is poised to be the main channel for evolution.

Some examples of live solutions were already demonstrated at the recent IFA consumer electronics event in Berlin, including the Phillips smart TV and service portal, and a smart home proof of concept that includes monitoring, home management, and home energy controls.

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