HP, Microsoft to Focus on Private Cloud Initiatives

HP and Microsoft have announced integration of an agreement in the private cloud. HP and Microsoft continue their collaboration this time targeting desktop applications, virtualization, and messaging and collaboration tools, sales and support.

Under the agreement, HP and Microsoft will offer private cloud solutions to help public companies to rapidly increase the number of users. HP will provide cloud infrastructure hardware and software using Microsoft’s software products. Customers opted to buy HP’s cloud and virtualization solutions now have the option of getting pre-loaded Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 and System Center 2012 SP1.

Protection against the risks associated with the use of resources on the cloud and tools to increase the flexibility of computer equipment is the main objective of the collaboration, which aims to speed up and simplify the task of migrating structures applications to private or hybrid cloud.

HP’s new Converged CloudSystem solutions promises to improve security and ease of management of private and hybrid cloud. The new features of HP CloudSystem allow integration with the Microsoft products, with different outcomes – a doubling of the density of virtual machines, reduced network complexity and increased flexibility to adapt to different workloads.

“Because Windows Server 2012 was built from the cloud up, it represents a transformational leap for businesses. The HP Converged Cloud solutions with Windows Server 2012 give customers a clear path to go beyond virtualization and accelerate their journey to the cloud,” said Michael Park, corporate vice-president, Windows Server Marketing, Microsoft. “With this private cloud agreement and more than 30 years’ of proven co-operation, HP and Microsoft are committed to helping customers drive success for their organizations as they experience the benefits of the cloud.”

Several new features of HP Converged Cloud offerings include integration of HP CloudSystem and Microsoft solutions. The new offering will include pre-integrated cloud solutions to accelerate the transition to the cloud, and on the security front automatic controls have been added to the virtual machines and automated protection of policy-based information, to decrease the risk of data loss. The solution also includes storage management with HP 3PAR autonomic thin provisioning with increased efficiency, non-disruptive data mobility and automated data tiering features.

Enterprises that are in the process of adopting cloud services need a comprehensive approach to the subject, including application modernization support, an optimized infrastructure platform and flexible sourcing options. With this system, companies no longer require constant investment in hardware. One option that will allow them to reduce costs, improve services and increase their productivity to become more operational and competitive in the market.

HP is investing a lot of effort into the cloud computing solutions on server side as well as for supercomputing, and web uses. Microsoft, on the other hand, released its new cloud ready server OS and introduces impressive innovations in the field of data storage, networking and virtualization software.

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