IBM Introduces PureData to Address Big Data Challenges

If Oracle recently showed improvements in their catalog of integrated systems (specifically in database machine), IBM is now announcing three new systems for the management and analysis of large volumes of information that will be available from late October.

IBM Introduces PureData, a system that allows companies to quickly analyze large quantities of data. Pure Data is part of IBM Pure Systems, a new category of systems with integrated expertise, simple cloud functionality and high usability.

It is estimated that more than 2.5 exabytes of new data are generated every day and 90 percent of all worldwide processed data produced are alone in the past two years. Industry experts expect that the global data volume will increase to up to 25 zettabytes by 2020. Given this volume, the diversity of data and the ever-increasing processing speeds, the demands on data storage systems are increasing in terms of performance, efficiency and simple structure.

Pure Systems helps companies reduce the time and money to spend on IT maintenance and focus more on business innovation. The new PureData helps companies meet the challenge of managing these large volumes of information as it is able to perform complex data analysis in minutes rather than hours.

Businesses worldwide spend 70 percent or more of their IT budget on simple, repetitive tasks and maintenance, leaving little left for innovation. Pure Systems management system ensures 50 percent less time consuming for data processing and reduces the risk of downtime by 98 percent. As a result, companies can better understand, for example, what motivates the consumer purchases, how to conduct more effective marketing campaigns and how to detect fraud in real time.

The IBM PureData Systems allows working in a cloud model and is able to consolidate more than 100 databases into a single system. Like other members of the initial PureSystems offering, PureData is capable of implementing web applications in less than 10 days.

The three models developed by IBM System PureData are – PureData System for Transactions, which provides hardware and software configurations integrated and optimized to provide the flexibility, integrity, availability and scalability to any transactional workload; PureData Analytical System that accelerates analytics and has the largest library of analytic database market functions, and PureData System for Operational Analytics, which is used to detect credit card fraud, provide knowledge of each client for call center operations.

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