Microsoft Checks Your Readiness for the Cloud

More companies now use cloud technologies to reap the benefits, such as lower cost, higher efficiency and more flexibility. Often, however, lacks the understanding of security and privacy policies of their own systems and industry-specific regulations or legal framework.

To allow companies to test their cloud security knowledge, Microsoft allows companies to check whether they are ready for the journey to the cloud using a new tool. The Cloud Security Readiness Tool is aimed particularly at small and midsize businesses.

The Cloud Security Readiness Tool is available over the Internet free of charge. It is designed to assist organizations and consultants, to determine where they are today with IT security and how they can improve.

The tool asks 27 questions on IT infrastructure and security settings, which are then compiled into a report based on the information provided. The tools analyzes the status of the IT infrastructure in the company’s security policies, update routines and backup cycles and determines which compliance regulations such as HIPAA or PCI meet regulatory standards. The report then provides individual guidance and assistance, and information on critical areas of enterprise infrastructure such as architecture, HR security, facility security, information security, data governance, legal, risk management, release management, resiliency and operational management to SMBs.

Microsoft advertises the use of its tools with the findings at the thirteenth biannual Security Intelligence Report (SIR). As part of its Corporate Technical Responsibility (CTR), Microsoft is aware of its responsibility as a technology leader and wants to contribute to the SIR to more transparency so that consumers and businesses can better protect against threats from the Internet.

Currently the tool can, however, serve only those prospects who are looking for software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud service. Other types such as platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) are not yet available.

A recent survey by the company revealed that industry standards (61%), transparency (59%) and security concerns (44%) are top barriers for SMBs to cloud adoption. Microsoft is aiming the tool will simplify the process and cut through the clutter to help organizations take a step-by-step look at cloud adoption based on their environment.

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