Wineries Are Discovering the Cloud

The wine and the cloud computing industry don’t exactly belong on the same sentence as they have very little to do with each other, but recent announcement by NetSuite Inc. brings both industries to the forefront, as the aforementioned Netsuite and eWinery Solutions have entered into a partnership that will see the development of wine industry-oriented cloud software solution targeted towards wineries throughout the world.

Dubbed “Vinsuite,” the wine industry-specific cloud software solution is built on top of Netsuire’s SuiteCloud development platform, which leverages the capabilities of Netsuite’s ERP, CRM, and eCommerce and adds vertical domain knowledge in the winde industry from eWinery Solutions, which is known for providing direct to consumer software and systems related to wines.

Vinsuite will serve as the first integrated solution for wineries when it comes to managing mission critical business operations in the cloud, with one system serving as a frontend for various tools, from tasting room POS systems to wine club membership management, to order management, inventories, customer support and everything in between. This will mark the first time that wineries will enjoy the benefits of cloud technology, from the reduction of operational dead weight to streamlining of hardware, to all around cost-efficiency, which all boil down to increased flexibility, agility, and profitability for the business.

Vinsuite’s full launch is slated for later this year, with eWinery Solutions becoming its sales agent in the US. According to eWinery Solutions CEO Richard Kline, Vinsuite will get rid of a lot of clutter in the wine industry, and will address the need to manage production, sales, and both wholesale and retail sales in a more streamlined manner.

According to Netsuite’s CEO, Zach Nelson, software companies have usually avoided addressing the needs of the wine trade because they almost always fall in the small to medium sized category, and by nature, are comprised of small dispersed businesses.

He added that software companies usually see it as thousands of tiny little wineries, which can be a logistics nightmare when it comes to software installation. But with the cloud, numbers become irrelevant as you only install software to the cloud, and the wineries themselves will open their browser and come to you. This makes patching, standardization, and training simple and straightforward because developers only have a single point to address. This means the formerly segmented wine industry is now a truly global market, thanks to the cloud.

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