Amazon's Revenues Expected to Reach $1B by 4Q13

Amazon Web Services (AWS) third quarter revenue report continues to soar marking its climb towards its $1 Billion revenue mark.  AWS, the unmatched ruler of the public cloud moves steadily on its third quarter sales. This was the prediction released by Technology Business Research, Incorporated (TBRI).

According to the research firm, AWS’s recorded revenue for the third quarter grew by 136% translating to an astounding $850 million.

“Coupled with newly launched incentives for developers, continued investments in cloud computing products and support is projected to push AWS revenues above $1 billion in 4Q13 (up 145% year-to-year) for a 2013 trailing twelve month total of an estimated $3.2 billion,” TBRI Analysts Michael Barba and Jillian Mirandi said.

In the meantime, AWS focuses on the public and government cloud to deliver the expected sales for the last quarter. It includes acquisition of major government workloads that plan to run on the GovCloud platform. The new Northern Virginia headquarters was recently put up to support its public cloud in the area. The expansion also opened job opportunities for IT engineers, therefore, boosting the state’s economy.

Credit for the sales performance goes to the entire AWS global sales division whose primary goal is to chase the public and government customers of cloud computing. Recently, AWS focuses on government institutions around the globe that are enhancing its IT services. As the global economic crisis continues, more and more local and international government institutions are looking for cheaper and more efficient tax paying systems.

Brian Matsubara, AWS Head of Global Technology Alliances said that the company now offers a pay-as-you-go application for these government service needs. According to him, AWS expects this market to continue to grow over the next several years.

“We have over 600 government agencies and over 2,400 academic institutions that are leveraging AWS today. This part of the business is growing rapidly for us and we expect this to do nothing but continue,” Matsubara said.

Matsubara’s statement was in agreement with what Capgemini’s global chief technology officer, Lanny Cohen said. Both personalities have said in different statements that there is a huge market opportunity in the government and public cloud sector.

“In the public sector, oddly enough at a time when the public sector as we all know is struggling, we’ve focused on an area at the state level that there was still a lot of dynamic. It was the area of unemployment insurance, tax and welfare. There’s a lot of fraud, waste and abuse that goes on in that and we came in with a very compelling value proposition and solution and saw very significant growth there,” Cohen said.

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