CloudTimes Joins VentureBeat's Data Science Summit as Media Partner

It’s what you do with data.

Interest in data science has exploded in 2013. Organizations have realized that data science and data analytics represent perhaps the biggest opportunity to drive dramatic change and opportunity in their businesses today. And with the speed at which data science is evolving, they are working hard to not only understand the potential and inspire their teams—but to make smart bets on people, technology and vision.

VentureBeat’s DataBeat 2013 event is moving past the current obsession with “Big Data” and making its own bet on data science by presenting the Data Science Summit 2013, a renowned third year event exploring the biggest challenges and opportunities in data science.

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Join us at the Data Science Summit 2013 and…

  • Gain an understanding of how data science has evolved in 2013 and plug into the important conversations of 2014
  • Be inspired by real world use cases directly from the most innovative companies that are seeing measurable value from data science
  • Learn about the data science innovations those companies leverage, the insights they’ve gained, and the competitive advantage they’re seeing
  • Meet the new breed of data scientists — to understand where they come from, what they do, and why you need them working for you
  • Hear how leading organizations are shifting to better leverage data science opportunity, and what lessons they’ve learned
  • Get a clear picture of the true business value that modern data science brings 

Featured speakers include:

  • Josh James, Founder & CEO, Domo
  • Ken Rudin, Head of Analytics, Facebook
  • Joseph Hellerstein, Prof. of Comp. Science, UC Berkeley
  • Carol Fawcett, Executive Director & CIO, Dell Software
  • John Henry Clippinger, Founder ID3, MIT Media Lab
  • Scott Yara, SVP of Products & Platform, Pivotal
  • Peter Skomoroch, Entrepreneur, Data Scientist & Product Leader
  • Ari Gesher, Senior Software Engineer, Palantir
  • See the full list here.

By blending VentureBeat’s strength in covering the business opportunity offered by disruptive technology, together with the Data Science Summit community, this event will offer an unparalleled cross-section of ideas from top data scientists, executives, academics, and journalists.

Join us for a two day roadmap that will take you give you an understanding of how you need to be approaching data science today to create real business value.

Register here with code “Times” and save 20%!

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