Intel Includes Apache Hadoop in Their Product Offering

Intel has recently made available Apache Hadoop for organizations who want to take advantage of a secure, hardware-accelerated, and open-source big data analysis foundation. The said software is intended for global release.

In a press conference, Intel VP and GM of the Intel Architecture Group’s Datacenter Software Division Boyd Davis said that the company is taking advantage of Hadoop because of its great potential. Hadoop can be the foundation of different applications. According to Davis, Intel will serve as open source drivers and stewards.

Big data analysis can be used to enhance medical and scientific understanding in finding a cure for cancer, Davis explained. Apache Hadoop is meant to accelerate data analysis, management, and processing. Its proprietary encryption technology assures corporate and huge organizations that Apache Hadoop is secure.

Apache Hadoop will be sold through annual subscriptions with varying packages for technical support through Intel’s distributors. It will be sold together with other Intel products such as networking hardware, memory, storage, Atom and Xeon based servers, Intel Expressway Service Gateway, Intel Cache Acceleration Software, Lustre, and Intel Data Center Manager.

Apache Hadoop contains various enhancements which improve security and performance like Hive, HBase, YARN, and HDFS projects. It also has its own Intel Manager for Apache Hadoop application. With Intel’s new offering, experts believe that current Hadoop vendors will be affected because the company has a major influence on IBM, HP, and Dell OEMs. Apache Hadoop will also be distributed by huge infrastructure suppliers like SAP, RedHat, Dell, Cray, and Cisco.

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