According to Larry Page, CEO of Google, Google+ already has 10 million users who are sharing 1 billion items every day, and Google’s +1 button (the Google version of News Feed) is being hit 2.3 billion times per day.

Larry Page was speaking to analysts today during Google’s second-quarter earnings conference call. He also said that every day around 550,000 Android-enabled phones are activated and 160 million people use Google’s Chrome web browser.

Google looks at Google+ as a long term investment as it the majority of its revenues is coming from advertising, although Larry says Google+ can generate huge new businesses for Google in the long run.

Page sees Google’s business in three categories:

- Search/advertising: like Adwords
- Consumer: like YouTube, Android and Chrome,
- New products: like Google+

Page says “We may have a few small speculative projects happening at any given time (like driveless cars), but we’re very careful stewards of shareholder money. We’re not betting the farm on this stuff.”


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