OpenStack recently strengthened their new cloud open source platform by introducing new application features to their existing cloud framework. The announcement was made last Thursday; the OpenStack upgrade will now include a new dashboard that will include a new service monitoring and user authentication security system called the Active Directory.

NASA and [...]

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VMworld in Las Vegas is taking everyone by storm just like the recent Hurricane Irene and the momentous Labor Day celebration over the weekend. Both major and minor cloud computing players and vendors are competing hard core as they bring out their best and latest virtualization products for the public to see.


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At VMware in Las Vegas this week, HP launched a turn-key IT solution with on-site installation services that includes servers, storage and networking gear, optimized for virtualization on VMware.

HP says this IT solution, called VirtualSystem for VMware, speeds implementation and provides foundation for cloud computing. VirtualSystem is built on products that are [...]

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Léo Apotheker, HP’s CEO, announced last week sweeping changes intended to help the company recover from a series of disappointing quarters and return to high-margin profitability.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, the firm will be closing down its PC operations and is instead turning to Cloud and infrastructure solutions [...]

Continue Reading has made its commitment to offer more diverse applications and features for its mobile users. The company is targeting workers who have a need to constantly share files and documents, to do this they have updated their Android application last Thursday to support tablet PCs. To accomplish these additional features [...]

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Big data and Platform-as-a-Service offerings have recently gained momentum, indicating a shift in enterprise IT practices around application development and analytics.

Public Clouds

The second-quarter kicked off with Amazon Web Services cloud computing outage – the biggest networking issue that affected Platform-as-a-Service offering. These architectural flaws – AWS outage, Sony’s PlayStation Network [...]

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A new report “Global Cloud Systems Management Software Market 2010-2014” was released by, which was prepared based on in-depth analysis of the market with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the current market landscape and growth prospects of the Cloud Systems Management Software market and focuses on the Americas, [...]

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Accer announced today its plans to acquire cloud-service provider iGware for $320 million. iGware will become a new Acer division named Acer Cloud Technology Company.

Acer says that it will deliver a new service, using the acquisition of iGware’s technology, called Acer Cloud, aimed at better serving Acer customers and enhancing Acer [...]

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Virtualization could mean an end, but making a significant emphasis on that “end” is in fact the cloud.

However, this idea does not have validity. The cloud is another tool in pursuing a fully dynamic, interoperable data environment for an even greater end.

For most businesses, this means a vigorous combination of [...]

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IBM Cloud Insights

On July 20, 2011 By

IBM enjoys a strong second quarter share of revenue as the results were shown yesterday morning. Big Blue released its latest mainframe products that gave a boost to their strong earnings; it also set the standard for the projected growth of cloud computing and data storage. IBM is on track of its [...]

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HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker revealed his plans to invest heavily in China and plans to develop cloud-computing products there to sell globally.

HP opened a cloud computing centre this week in the port city of Tianjin and announced a server computer networking and development centre in Beijing.

Apotheker said at a news [...]

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Abiquo, the leading Enterprise Cloud Management software provider, announced today it has won the Cloud Computing World Series award for Best Cloud Management Solution. The Cloud Computing World Series Awards annually recognize the best Cloud products and services. The winners are selected by an independent panel of judges, including press editors, [...]

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Toshiba and HP joined forces to develop cloud computing technologies and related services for infrastructure organizations.

Toshiba said in a statement today that the companies plan to jointly develop technologies that can share data on social infrastructure including water supply, transportation, telecommunications, medical and public-service systems, contributing to energy conservation.

The collaboration [...]

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HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker recently announced that cloud computing is one of HP’s key initiatives and the company is aiming to be a public cloud giant.  Yesterday, one HP exec showed the company’s cloud hand in a LinkedIn update that gave details of where HP’s taking its public cloud play. The Register [...]

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According to Bloomberg, Hewlett-Packard needs to spend as much as double the historical valuation for software takeovers to catch up in cloud computing.

Although Apotheker said this month he will follow a “disciplined” approach to acquisitions for Hewlett-Packard, he may be forced to pay up to [...]

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Hewlett-Packard is trying to compete directly with Inc. and Inc. by leveraging its large manufacturing base and experience with servers and computers to build a new “cloud” service.
HP has been largely absent from the newest Internet trend “cloud computing,” but its servers are [...]

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