Dell is Facing Challenges in the Cloud

The schedule announced last year by Dell regarding their plans to launch Cloud-based app services was deemed too aggressive by experts, and right now it looks like said experts were right, as Dell is encountering [...]

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Greenpeace vs. Apple Cloud: Commitment to the Green Cloud

IT giant Apple has recently come under fire for failing to fulfill its commitment to promote green practices in cloud computing, judging by the company’s decision to stop submitting their products to the Electronic [...]

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The Future of Cloud Adoption

Public cloud computing is one of the biggest factors that speed up the pace of changes that occur in enterprise software these days. Newcomers in the market are constantly launching innovations that [...]

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Cloud Companies to Watch: Enterprise OpenStack Pioneer – Piston

If you are not familiar with the company called Piston Cloud Computing, chances are you’re going to be within a few years, since the startup is currently developing technology that will give way to the next generation of Internet cloud services. [...]

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Assessing The Costs of Cloud Outages

According to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency (IWGCR), the total downtime of 13 well-known cloud services since 2007 amounts to 568 hours, which has an economic impact of around $71.7 million dollars.

In IWGCR’s research, they have stated that the [...]

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Free Access to Microsoft ALM Servers – TechEd Conference

In its recent TechEd conference held in Orlando, Florida last June 4, Microsoft announced that they are already in the process of expanding access to their cloud-based application lifecycle management service, even though the app itself is still in preview mode.


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Zynga Taking on AWS as an IaaS Provider

Zynga may be on its way to becoming a serious competitor to Amazon’s robust Infrastructure as a Service, since the social network gaming giant will soon sell cloud IaaS to game makers in need of a hosting platform.

Zynga may not be [...]

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Oracle Unveils Suites of Cloud Services to Compete With Salesforce, SAP

Oracle has officially launched its public cloud market, Oracle Cloud, thus entering a segment that has long shunned by the world’s number two software major and the world’s largest database maker.

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ODCA Forecast Conference Update – Exclusive Interview with Allyson Klein, Intel Corp

The Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) will hold its one-day Forecast conference on June 12th in New York, concurrent with the 10th International Cloud Expo. The Open Data Center Alliance is working actively to shape the future of [...]

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SAP Rolls Out New Cloud Strategy for Large Enterprises

Over the past five years, the cloud strategy of SAP revolved around Business ByDesign, a suite of management applications designed for medium-sized companies which offer demand oriented packages including financial solutions, human resources, supply chain management, business analysis and compliance management.


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