News Digest January 13, 2013

  • How Cloud Computing Will Affect Healthcare in 2013

    Data privacy and security are two of the main reasons why healthcare takes the slow route towards the adoption of new technologies. Experts believe that by 2017, the healthcare cloud computing market will be worth $5.4 billion. With cloud computing, different doctors can access a patient’s health records even if they’re miles apart. These […]

  • Cloud Wars: Google Apps vs Office 365

    Google Apps has been widely recognized by business owners. It is commonly used for video and text messaging, slide show presentation, and collaborative document writing in the clouds. Introduced some 6 years ago, it was designed for tech start-ups and small enterprises. Google didn’t expect that large businesses will take notice of the software.


  • RSA Report Reveals Gaps in Information Security Programs

    Accelerated enterprise adoption of Big Data, mobile, social media and cloud computing introduces significant gaps in security programs.

    RSA, The Security Division of EMC, released a report of the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) that assesses how disruptive innovation, considered analysis of Big Data, cloud computing, enterprise mobility and social media will transform […]

  • Cloud Forecast is Sunny – Infographic

    Infographic compiled by TrackVia on corporate infrastructure’s move into the cloud.

    Highlights include:

    Currently 46% of business data is stored outside of internal IT structures Nearly 3 our of 4 companies use the cloud Virtualization has the potential to save 60-70% of the energy dedicated to servers Companies are estimated to save […]

  • IDC Report: 1.7 Million Cloud Computing Jobs Remain Unfilled, Gap Widening

    If the cloud remains a number one priority for companies, it appears that the industry is struggling to find the right people to respond to this new environment. In 2012, more than 1.7 million jobs related to cloud computing were remained unfilled worldwide. The reason for this is lack of training and certification.

    Research […]

  • Master Your Critical Cloud Data for Business Advantage

    by Ravi Shankar

    Why Cloud Master Data Management is Now Essential to Maximizing the Value of All Your Data

    Remember what first sparked business’ collective imagination about cloud computing? Its potent combination of ubiquitous access, utility pricing and hands-off application maintenance was something entirely new to companies reliant on on-premise applications. From a business perspective, […]

  • There is Music in the Cloud – About SoundCloud and Other Cloud Music Services

    Many people are under the misconception that cloud computing is only directly beneficial as a technology to IT professionals and CTOs, while artists and musicians only have use of it as peripheries that can be replaced by other tools or ignored entirely. However, the truth is that the cloud has actually been adopted in […]

  • News Digest January 6, 2013
    Cloud Integration for Hybrid IT – Balancing Business Self-Service and IT ControlThe Cloud Data Management Imperative

    It’s no longer a question of if your company will be adopting cloud-based solutions, but when and how many. Gartner predicts worldwide software as a service (SaaS) application revenue will reach $22.1 billion by 2015.The industry […]

  • The State of Cloud Computing Around the World: India

    In a recent report titled the India Cloud Market Overview, the International Data Corporation (IDC) stated that the Indian cloud market has grown by 70 percent last year (2012), and is expected to exhibit a 50 percent growth rate for the next three more years. It is said that the Indian cloud market is […]

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