HP Unveils Analytical Cloud Service Based on SAP HANA

To survive in today’s market environment, it is for firms to know at all times what is happening in their business and what customers and competitors do. To help them and provide insights in real time, HP and SAP jointly develop innovations in cloud service.  HP announced a new cloud service called HP As-A-Service Solution for SAP HANA, which is aimed at customers who want to analyze large data. It will debut first in Australia and New Zealand.

HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA combines SAP HANA license along with the required hardware resources and management and will be offered for a monthly fee. The service runs on a HP managed cloud environment, as a managed virtual private cloud or a private cloud, within a regionalized, enterprise-class HP data center facility. It is based on HP AppSystem for SAP HANA which is SAP certified, and enables customers to benefit from the in-memory computing technology and process large amounts of data in the server’s main memory to provide faster results and transaction analysis.

This new offering is part of SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud strategy to offer mission-critical end-to-end managed cloud services to its customers, both directly and through its valued partners such as HP. Both companies have in fact combined their skills to develop a solution that allows users to benefit from the analysis and in-memory computing and quickly take decisions based on the analysis of substantial quantities of data.

HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA is enabled for HP Migration Factory for SAP HANA in order to provide best-in-class migration. These migration services ensure that HP will migrate, validate, and deploy secure mission-critical data for customers in the SAP HANA platform. All immigration services are performed under the methodology certified by SAP and validated global SAP certifications to successfully design, build, integrate and run SAP systems globally.

The new service offered by HP is part of a strategy of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud to deliver mission-critical cloud services end to end, both directly and through partners. Presented last May, HANA Enterprise Cloud enables customers to run their SAP Business Suite, CRM (customer relationship management) and Business Warehouse, normally offered in the traditional way, through a cloud environment.

Recently, IDC has released a new infographic commissioned by SAP which estimated that SAP partners worldwide revenue gain of about $220,000 million over the next five years in relation to the analytical solutions and the company’s big data. With its ability to enhance the capabilities of companies to control the massive growth of data necessary for making informed business decisions, SAP will play a leading role in the optimization and improvement of business, as a means to grow sustainably.

HP, on the other hand, introduced HAVEn, a Big Data analytics platform that uses technology from HP Autonomy, HP Vertica, HP ArcSight, HP Operations management and Hadoop. This helps companies and government agencies to evaluate large amounts of data in real time.

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