Oracle Ready To Storm The Clouds

At the recent D10 conference, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle shared some tidbits regarding the company’s announcement on June 6 regarding their recent cloud-based platform as well as the company’s complete rewrites of ERP and CRM applications. Larry Ellison, who co-founded Oracle way back in 1977, shared his ideas a lot of things from the lawsuits the company faced, the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, his networked computer idea, and the company’s announcement on June 6.

Larry Ellison also shared his philosophy which drives his long years of experience as Oracle’s CEO. According to him, as a CEO, he has to monitor technological innovations and be kept abreast with current technology so as not to lose to Oracle’s competitors. In this light, Oracle has rewritten its applications to be cloud-ready. According to Ellison, Oracle has developed a fully integrated suite which SAP will find difficult to surpass for the next 10 years. He views cloud computing as not totally different and new but a continuous evolution.

Larry Ellison, however, declined to comment on Oracle’s legal battle with Google regarding patent and copyright infringement because the litigation isn’t over yet. With regards to Oracle’s 2008 Sun acquisition wherein the company paid $5.5 billion net of cash, Ellison said that the deal was very profitable. In running Oracle, he is fascinated with the whole idea of discovering and testing limits with technology. He likes to compete in order to solve client problems. His next conquest, according to him, is to vanquish SAP and beat IBM in the high-end servers’ arena.

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