News Digest December 30, 2012

  • The True Business Value of Big Data

    According to a lot of experts and IT managers, while big data holds a lot of promise and potential, the main concern with the collection of massive volumes of data from various sources is how to use it for new business purposes.

    IT vendors and industry experts frequently talk about the <a title=”Big Data: […]

  • Who is Still Not in The Cloud?

    Now that cloud computing technology is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down, there’s bound to be a big shake up in the industry, with cloud itself turning into a more common utility that has a great influence over IT suppliers.

    Like any big industry shake-up, there will be losers and […]

  • Less than 1% of World’s Information is Being Analyzed – IDC Report

    EMC Corporation has announced the results of the latest study Digital Universe, developed by IDC and sponsored by EMC, “Big Data, Bigger and Biggest Growth Digital Shadows in the Far East”. The report reveals that, despite the unprecedented expansion experienced by the digital universe, due to the massive volumes of data generated daily […]

  • Big Data Scientists Should Earn ‘Big’ Salaries

    It isn’t possible to automate data science and decisions because they are dependent on domain expertise and human judgment. According to Columbia historian Matthew Jones, data science isn’t algorithms although it is dependent on it.  Data science can’t be reduced to articulated rules because experience and expertise belong to a particular domain and that […]

  • AWS Introduces Improved Billing Reports For Easier Tracking of Cloud Usage

    Those using the Amazon Web Services cloud services now have access to enhanced features to keep track of usage, which also means better control over spending.

    The new free features is called AWS Detailed Billing Reports and Consolidated Billing, which include the ability to break down usage costs by the hour and type […]

  • Dell Presents Scalable Solutions in Security, Cloud, and Support

    Dell World 2012 brought together more than 6000 people including customers, partners, media, analysts and employees, for three days of relationship, education and induction strategy and Dell solutions to solve newer IT challenges customers facing currently.

    At Dell World, Dell announced that today more and more customers around the world rely on their […]

  • CloudPassage Study Reveals Increased Use of Public Cloud

    There’s not much need for another study concluding that security is a road block to cloud adoption – plenty of research has proven that security in the cloud is one central consideration for enterprises. Server security fundamentals are critical in in cloud environments, especially in public cloud servers hosting applications.

    According to a survey […]

  • News Digest December 23, 2012
    The CloudTimes Year in Review – And 2013 Cloud Predictions2012 was very big year for social media, with many of the industry leaders gaining a much more solid and larger foothold in the market, as well as being more ingrained in the mainstream culture. Facebook in particular, has proven itself to be […]

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