News Digest December 2, 2012

  • Rackspace Helps UK Startups With Cloud Resource Program

    In an effort to boost UK as a startup hotspot, Rackspace has announced that it will provide selected business startups to be beneficiaries of £12,000 worth of cloud resources (similar to their activities in the US). Through the Rackspace Startup Program, the company has agreed to offer new and emerging businesses […]

  • Demanding a ‘Bill Of Rights’ For SaaS Buyers

    Being a popular deployment cloud model, Constellation Research is pushing for a clear bill of rights for Software-as-a-Service customers. Ray Wang, from the analyst firm, says that there must be due diligence in checking all Software-as-a-Service contracts just like what the on-premise licensed applications require. IT buyers must learn from their previous […]

  • IDC Report: IT Cloud Services Market to Reach $43.2 Billion by 2016

    The International Data Corporation recently released its report which predicts IT cloud services’ revenues to reach $43.2 billion in the United States of America by 2016. The amount is comparatively large, up by 18.5% from its 2011 amount of $18.5 billion. The public IT cloud offerings include services for both corporate and […]

  • Google Invests Massively in IaaS and Decreases Prices

    Earlier this week, Google announced a significant increase in its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offer with an increase in the number of virtual machine sizes available to the US and Europe customers from 4 to 40.

    In addition to the new types of instances, the company reduced the price of its Google […]

  • Standardization of Cloud will be the Norm – CloudNOW 2013 Predictions

    CloudNOW, a nonprofit worldwide association founded by Jocelyn DeGance Graham has given 2013 top predictions regarding cloud computing. CloudNOW is working for the overall professional development of women with a focus on using technology by providing forums and platform for networking, knowledge sharing, counseling, mentoring, and economic growth.

    The forecasts were authored […]

  • Cisco Acquires Cloud Networking Firm Meraki For $1.2 Billion

    Due to its expansion efforts in cloud computing, Cisco Systems Inc. has decided to buy Meraki, a San Francisco-based cloud computing firm, for $1.2 billion. Meraki has been known since 2006 as a provider of mobile device management, security, switching, and Wi-Fi technologies. Founded by members of the Laboratory for Computer Science at the […]

  • Google and Tableau Software Partner for the Next Step in (Big) Data Visualization

    While the most presentations around big data underlying the processing systems will be deployed in the enterprise, Google built a service that will analyze the cloud of large volumes of data.

    Google’s BigQuery service could help companies analyze their data without the need to build infrastructure. The service is designed primarily for use […]

  • Bain & Company and Gartner Introduce New Cloud Forecasting Model

    An updated forecast has been recently released for enterprise software and cloud computing. This is due to the increasing influence of security, mobility, integration of legacy systems, and analytics which are now being taken into consideration by IT corporate heads in their buying decisions. In an <a title=”Cloud Computing and Enterprise Software Forecast Update, […]

  • SoMoClo is Here to Stay, Now Let’s Make it Enterprise Ready

    By Scott Hebner, Vice President, IBM Cloud & Business Infrastructure Management

    Social, mobile and cloud are more than just three of the most hyped buzz words in technology, they are three facets of the same movement and an everyday reality for consumers and businesses alike.

    Whether you’re a college student streaming music on a […]

  • News Digest November 25, 2012
    Forrester: IT Operations Managers Must Rethink Their Approach to Private Cloud 

    Forrester recently surveyed 205 infrastructure and operations (I&O) executives and found that while firms prioritize improved virtualization and have ambitions for internal infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), or private cloud, they lack sufficient virtualization maturity practices. The survey asked about current virtualization practices to […]

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