Google and Tableau Software Partner for the Next Step in (Big) Data Visualization

While the most presentations around big data underlying the processing systems will be deployed in the enterprise, Google built a service that will analyze the cloud of large volumes of data.

Google’s BigQuery service could help companies analyze their data without the need to build infrastructure. The service is designed primarily for use by corporate users and allows analyzing large amounts of data in a cloud environment. Now Google and Tableau Software, the leader of business intelligence provider, announced a partnership to bring together two of the hottest trends in IT – big data and data visualization.

A big data tool is only as good as the data that feeds into it. Business intelligence startup Tableau Software has earned rave reviews for turning data computations into beautiful graphics, but now the company is busy expanding its pool of partners and building “connectors” – technology that enables external data sources like and Microsoft and Oracle servers to seamlessly plug into its software. Tableau’s direct connection to BigQuery enables users to take advantage of its visualization software with Google Analytics.

It’s all part of Tableau’s strategy of allowing customers to work with their data no matter where it lives. The move means Tableau users will now be able to use its visualization software to interact with data on Google Analytics (used to track website traffic) as well as Google’s BigQuery cloud-based service, which lets businesses run queries on extremely large datasets.

BigQuery’s query performance at scale combined with Tableau’s fast and easy analytics puts powerful visualization and business intelligence directly into the hands of business users. The combination of BigQuery and Tableau enables users to ask complex business questions and get results quickly, in effect allowing them to have an interactive conversation with their data.

This partnership also provides big data users the ability to design Business Discovery solutions by leveraging the computing power and scalability of the Google cloud platform. Thanks to the extended features and custom connector, the solution provides seamless integration with BigQuery. Data processing and calculation are made through Google Compute Engine and big data solutions such as interactive tools and dashboard are processed by Google BigQuery prediction API. This allows users to run queries across multiple data tables even up to billions of rows and terabytes of data.

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