News Digest December 16, 2012

  • Dell Announces Initiative to Boost the Growth of SMEs

    Dell announced a renewed commitment to accelerate the growth of small and medium enterprises with scalable technology solutions, resources for entrepreneurs, and a new partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative designed for the next generation of entrepreneurs at Dell World 2012.

    The rapidly growing entrepreneurial companies are an important catalyst for global economic […]

  • Gartner – Cloud Security Predictions for 2013

    Gartner has released what 2013 holds for IT organizations and users. The predictions of the consulting focus on economic risks, opportunities and innovations that CIOs adopt to foster a new generation of highly oriented business solutions.

    In the new report entitled, “Predicts 2013: Security Solutions,” Gartner states that increased adoption of cloud-based […]

  • KPMG Survey Reveals Rising Demand for Cloud Services

    More and more companies use cloud computing and put their information on remote computers, for example Google, Salesforce, Amazon and Microsoft. Organizations are experiencing the benefits of cloud computing such as greater flexibility, lower costs and improved scalability of IT resources.

    Now as per new survey from KPMG International, cloud revenues to […]

  • The Quest for a Cloud Integration Strategy

    Historically, enterprise-wide integration and its countless business benefits have only been available to large companies due to the high costs of purchasing and implementing integration solutions, which until recently amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those who could afford to purchase and implement enterprise integration solutions realized cost efficiencies from automated business processes […]

  • Cloud and the Global Economy – Study by LSE

    According to a study by the London School of Economics and Political Science, the development of cloud computing will result in economic growth, increased productivity, and promote change in the types of jobs and skills required by businesses.

    The study focuses on two industries – smartphone and aerospace service – and dives […]

  • Australia to Benefit From Cloud Computing – Ovum Study

    According to an analyst group Ovum, the Australian government isn’t taking full advantage of cloud computing. As such, it fails to connect with cloud-ready nations like Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. In the blog of Steve Hodgkinson, an Ovum analyst, he said The Asia Cloud Computing Associated downgraded Australia in its cloud readiness […]

  • Floyd Strimling’s Cloud Predictions for 2013

    By Floyd Strimling

    Google challenges Amazon AWS for public cloud supremacy

    With far too much attention being placed on an OpenStack competitor to Amazon, Google Compute Engine will emerge as the clear alternative. Google’s secret sauce includes a complex mix of datacenters, virtualization, breakthrough software, a comprehensive fiber backbone, and the use of new technologies […]

  • Avoiding the Accidental SOA Cloud Architecture

    Prior to the hybrid cloud, IT determined how an enterprise infrastructure grew. With the introduction of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), lines of business, such as marketing, sales and logistics, can expand the enterprise infrastructure without involving IT by directly purchasing SaaS. Read this whitepaper to become aware of the dangers of the accidental SOA cloud architecture.


  • Enterprise ICT Strategy Meets Cloud Services

    A lot of executives look down on technology evangelists and consider them as mere “drive-by shooters” or basically people who cruise by their offices while firing one-shot “silver bullet” solutions. There is a possibility that cloud evangelists are lumped in the same category, if they are promoting cloud computing as a tech enhancement instead […]

  • Discover 2012: HP Unveils Innovations in Converged Storage and Big Data

    At the annual HP Discover 2012 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, HP presented a number of innovations in its Converged Storage and big data portfolio. The new solutions are designed for virtualized environments, cloud and storage of big data and include new HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, HP Storage StoreAll and HP StoreOnce Backup offers.

    In 2011, HP […]

  • News Digest December 9, 2012
    Forrester – Cloud Predictions for 2013Now that we’re nearing the end of the year, there is one key takeaway from the cloud computing industry: enterprise use has finally arrived. The use of Cloud Computing is no longer hidden from plain sight and IT departments are now very upfront about their company use, […]

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