Startup in Focus: Alegion Introduces Enterprise Crowdsourcing

Last November 20, 2012, the Amazon AWS re:Invent conference served as the launching pad for Alegion’s ground-breaking crowdsourcing platform, aiming to give large businesses the ability to integrate crowd-sourced manpower into their complex businesss processes, and promising to help large organizations reinvent how they accomplish their work.

Defining Crowdsourcing

The concept of crowdsourcing is not exactly new, as it’s basically just harnessing the power of the crowd in order to accomplish large tasks faster and more cost-efficient by way of volume. It’s basically the cloud of business processes, and has only been made feasible these past few years, as the massive shift in the IT has finally allowed people to disregard timezones and geographical locations when it comes to real time communication and collaboration.

Benefit of Crowdsourcing

Without crowdsourcing, large businesses would need to hire a number of full-time workers in order to accomplish all of its operations and projects, with 90 to 95 percent of the company’s work only being completed through internal operations, while the remaining 5 to 10% are too complex or too simple to be done efficiently with in-house employees, resulting in the hiring of either low or high level contractors. In this way, crowdsourcing allows organizations to avoid overpaying for the 5 to 10 percent, and the larger the organization, the more cost efficient it becomes.

Much like cloud technology, crowdsourcing allows business processes to be flexible and agile, being able to employ only the exact amount of people that is required for a task to be completed, and vice versa – it can also take advantage of volume in order to finish tasks faster and more efficiently.

Alegion Will Make CrowdSourcing Mainstream

One of the main hindrances that prevented companies from taking full advantage of crowdsourcing is that setting up the infrastructure can be complicated and will require a lot of resources, making an in-house crowdsourcing infrastructure unfeasible and not worth the benefits. However, with Alegion, there is no longer any need to start massive consulting engagements and continuous development, as everything will be made available, basically a crowdsouring version of SaaS. This means the companies that have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for crowdsourcing to become practical and feasible can now get a running start with enterprise-class capabilities.

Alegion’s self-service workflow will give what companies have been waiting for with regard to integrating crowdsourced tasks to their complex business process: true flexibility, rapid deployment, and built-in best practices.

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