News Digest June 17, 2012

  • Zynga Taking on AWS as an IaaS Provider

    Zynga may be on its way to becoming a serious competitor to Amazon’s robust Infrastructure as a Service, since the social network gaming giant will soon sell cloud IaaS to game makers in need of a hosting platform.

    Zynga may not be the first company to offer cloud IaaS, but it will be the […]

  • Apple Cloud Secure? IBM Banning Siri From Employee Devices

    Employees tend to have multiple cloud endpoints in the form of mobile and tablet devices that are used to access both personal and corporate data from inside and outside the work environment. However, by giving our employers’ access to our devices via cloud, is there a way to protect our devices and the personal […]

  • Europe Needs To Catch Up With The Cloud

    Analysts from Gartner have recently released findings that reveal a delay in adoption of cloud computing in Europe, as a result of several factors that include different business processes across more than 40 countries, privacy rules, the deepening debt crisis, and the recession. That is not to say that cloud computing in Europe will […]

  • Google Tightens Cloud Security

    A couple of weeks ago, Google has released a number of new and upgraded functionality as well as features for its Apps cloud collaboration and email suite. The notable inclusions being a new product meant for synchronizing password changes over different apps and active directories in real time.

    Google Apps Password Sync gives […]

  • HP to Lay Off 27,000 Employees

    Hewlett Packard’s 2nd quarter earnings call last May brought with it a lot of distressing news, chief among which is news that the company will be cutting 27,000 jobs, which basically amounts to 8% of their total workforce. The layoffs will happen within the next couple of years amidst slumping profits. It’s not all […]

  • Navigating the Top Six Business Challenges of Delivering Software as a Service

    For independent software vendors, the cloud is changing the way that software offerings are built – but it also has an impact on the way ISVs do business and interactwith their customers. Over the past two years, SafeNet has been studying, along with top industry analysts, how software vendors can monetize (i.e., sell, […]

  • Finding Cloud Computing News Has Never Been Easier

    By: Matthew Smith

    On average everyday there are 22,200 blog posts written about the topic of cloud computing.  You would need 444 hours if you tried to read every blog post from one day.

    If you are like me your calendar is already so full you don’t even have 30 minutes to check the […]

  • Microsoft Releases Version of Office 365 for the U.S. Government

    Microsoft, the world’s number one software major, has developed a version of its online package of productivity tools for U.S. officials. This exclusive edition of Office 365 for the U.S. government is a new multi-tenant service that stores data in the cloud.

    Microsoft has been on the back burner for a while releasing their […]

  • US Federal Government and Big Data Storage: A Big Challenge

    The US federal agencies are an exemplary example of a source of more data. One of the largest exporter of IT outsourcing, the federal government is proposed to spent $78.9 billion in IT budget for fiscal year 2013.

    Big data, for last four years are more or less has been relatively flat, but big […]

  • Linux Finally Arrives on Microsoft Windows Azure

    Microsoft Windows Azure evolved to incorporate a little more dimension – IaaS, PaaS, and now service offering a hybrid cloud. This is exemplified by the introduction of persistent Linux virtual machines to Windows Azure platform.

    Microsoft, earlier this year, hinted its big plan for 2012 to allow some access to Linux for […]

  • What’s Next for Cloud Databases? Top Factors that Will Determine Success

    by Razi Sharir, CEO of Xeround

    Cloud infrastructure is being continuously improved and optimized, so that over time it will be standardized and commoditized. Today’s cloud service providers are offering nearly identical hardware and stacks, which is more cost effective on their end in terms of maintenance and operational costs. This begs the question: How […]

  • News Digest June 10, 2012
    Oracle Unveils Suites of Cloud Services to Compete With Salesforce, SAPOracle has officially launched its public cloud market, Oracle Cloud, thus entering a segment that has long shunned by the world’s number two software major and the world’s largest database maker.

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has introduced suites of cloud […]

  • New IT Change Management Cloud Service Significantly Reduces MTTR

    Mean time to repair or MTTR is the standard measure for how quickly the IT organization is able to respond to and resolve issues or problems experienced by its customers. Minimizing MTTR is critical to avoiding service interruptions and meeting Service Level Agreements. Yet as much as 80 percent of the time related to […]

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