Google Tightens Cloud Security

A couple of weeks ago, Google has released a number of new and upgraded functionality as well as features for its Apps cloud collaboration and email suite. The notable inclusions being a new product meant for synchronizing password changes over different apps and active directories in real time.

Google Apps Password Sync gives Google Apps administrators the ability to keep two systems synced without the need to wait for a scheduled synchronization.

According to Google, the setup for Google Apps Password Sync is fairly straightforward, and should take only a few minutes. And as expected from Google, the app is also very secure, with the transmission of data between the app and active directory are encrypted and hashed.

Another new feature is what Google refers to as Contacts Delegation, which is a new app that allows users to share contacts with their peers. Contacts Delegation aims to make the process of expanding network of contacts simple and intuitive. It also allows users to share or delegate their inbox and calendar.

The Apps user directory has also received a functionality upgrade, via a new ability to display all users in the domain. Google also announced Google Apps’ newfound compliance with the ISO 27001 security certification for its systems, processes, technology, and data centers. This is good news since ISO 27001 is a de facto industry standard, and is required by high volume customers, particularly in regulated sectors such as finance, health care, and the government.

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