Best Cloud Marketing Automation Solutions


Eloqua Pricing

Eloqua automates the science of marketing – campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing marketers to acquire customers, drive revenue and do what they do best: develop strong brands, build creative campaigns, and deliver compelling content. With Eloqua, marketers can read and automatically respond to their buyers’ Digital Body Language™ and triumph over their biggest challenges.


Loopfuse Pricing

LoopFuse offers an integrated inbound marketing and marketing automation platform that enables marketers to easily generate demand and engage customers through the buying cycle.

manticore logo

Manticore Pricing

Manticore Technology delivers powerful SAAS marketing automation solutions which enable B2B marketers to generate more leads, identify which leads are ready to buy and nurture less-qualified leads through the pipeline, resulting in increased revenue and improved marketing effectiveness. Manticore Technology solutions are amazingly robust, while shockingly easy-to-use and implement.


Pardot Pricing

Pardot is an innovative provider of on-demand interactive marketing solutions. Pardot’s industry leading marketing automation suite is used by thousands of sales and marketing professionals each month due to its rich feature set, ease of use, and flexibility.


Net-Results Pricing

Net-Results allows you to automate your lead management efforts and, unlike other marketing automation solutions, doesn’t require a truckload of training just to get started. With a robust set of features including email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, and the most powerful segmentation tools available, Net-Results helps you do more with less.

aprimoAprimo Pricing

Aprimo’s integrated, on demand marketing software enables B2C and B2B marketers to successfully navigate the changing role of marketing by taking control of budgets and spend, eliminating internal silos with streamlined workflows and executing innovative multi-channel campaigns to drive measurable ROI. Our platform is customizable to your organization’s particular needs with modules for Event Planning, MRM Marketing Resource Management, DAM Digital Asset Management, EMM Enterprise Marketing Management, Marketing Plans, Campaign Planning and Strategy, Brand management, Social Media Management, and more.

MarketoMarketo Pricing

Built by marketers, for marketers. Marketo combines everything you need to manage demand generation campaigns and generate quality sales leads – including email marketing, lead nurturing and lead scoring – with analytics to measure marketing ROI and forecast marketing’s impact on revenue. But unlike other marketing automation solutions, Marketo’s delivers this sophisticated functionality with a flexible and easy user experience that enables faster success, with less risk.

neolaneNeolane Pricing

Neolane provides the only Conversational Marketing Technology that empowers organizations to build and sustain lifetime one-to-one dialogues, dramatically increasing revenue and marketing efficiency. With best-in-class email and inbound-outbound channel fusion capabilities architected into a single code-based platform, marketers achieve results in record time.

geniusGenius Pricing marketing automation software ensures that marketing and sales can work in sync to ensure the appropriate follow-up for each prospect. Lead nurturing workflows determine and deliver automated responses to cultivate prospect interest, while real-time conversion events trigger real-time sales alerts, updates to database field values, and lead scoring increases as soon as prospects demonstrate the right level of interest through their online body language. With Genius marketing automation software solutions, prospects ready to engage never get lost in the “black box” of marketing workflows.

SilverpopSilverpop Pricing

Silverpop’s Engagement Marketing suite of Web-based solutions enables companies worldwide to build relationships with customers and prospects through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant online messaging.

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