Demandbase and Eloqua Partner to Advance Marketing Automation Using Real Time Identification Technology

Business Wire announced today that Demandbase, Inc., a technology company providing B2B marketing performance-improvement solutions, has released a service  called Real-Time ID Service that can now be plugged into Eloqua’s marketing automation solution, allowing Eloqua customers to better identify the companies visiting their site in real time and increase conversion rates, improve data quality, and accelerate lead qualification.

The Real-Time ID Service from Demandbase can identify existing customers, target accounts, industries, or the company size of a web visitor as web pages are served so that a more personalized and engaging experience can be delivered.

According to Business Wire, the technology can also be plugged into existing Eloqua forms so that fewer questions can be asked (from an average of 10 to four fields), which translates directly into lower abandonment, higher conversion rates, and more leads for customers. The richer and more accurate data delivered by the Real-Time ID Service is automatically delivered into Eloqua’s solution to enable better lead scores, faster qualification, and ultimately more revenue.

“Eloqua is recognized for creating and leading the innovation in the marketing automation space and the Demandbase Real-Time ID Service will make their automation platform even better,” said Greg Ott, CMO, Demandbase. “Eloqua customers who want to improve their marketing performance can now add the Real-Time ID Service to Eloqua web forms and see an immediate lift in conversion and overall quality of leads.”

Eloqua customers require no additional software infrastructure to start delivering a customized Web experience and shorter Web forms to business visitors. Using Demandbase to identify customers and prospects based on an account-based view enables Eloqua customers to distinguish high and low value prospects without using a cookie and before any web form is completed.

“Demandbase has introduced a powerful technology that will help our customers better engage and convert their target audiences,” said Steven Woods, chief technology officer, Eloqua. “The higher conversion rates may be why people adopt the Real-Time ID Service, but the more accurate and deeper lead qualification benefits are what will really make it stick. It is through collaborations like ours with Demandbase that marketers worldwide will accomplish their Revenue Performance Management objectives.”

The real-time identification of key accounts is made possible by Demandbase’s Business Resolution Platform, which uses proprietary algorithms that intelligently combine a database of 800 million IP addresses across North America and Europe, over 30 million business contacts, and information from social networks critical for business including Facebook and LinkedIn. This multi-tiered process ensures that target accounts are identified by Demandbase in a fraction of a second and appended with the most current information, fully standardized for CRM and marketing automation systems. The cloud-based service has matched more than 1 billion visits in 2010 and currently identifies more than 100 million businesses every month without the use of cookies or tracking personal information.

About Demandbase

Demandbase is a technology company that enables B2B marketers to improve marketing conversions and turn web traffic into sales. Delivered on demand, Demandbase’s SaaS solutions leverage its proprietary Business Resolution Platform, combining real-time identification of the companies visiting a web site with a new breed of B2B web analytics, measurement, and integration tools to make every customer or prospect interaction more effective, and significantly increase conversion rates. Demandbase works as a standalone service or integrated with other sales and marketing technologies to give them new intelligence, enabling companies to align marketing and sales strategies and improve overall campaign performance. Founded in 2006 and in use at more than 1,000 companies, Demandbase is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and funded by Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE), Altos Ventures and Sigma Partners. For more information, visit

About Eloqua

Eloqua helps clients dramatically accelerate revenue growth through Revenue Performance Management. Eloqua provides powerful business insight to inform marketing and sales decisions today that drive revenue growth tomorrow. The company’s mission is to make its customers the fastest growing companies on earth. Thousands of users rely on the power of Eloqua to execute, automate, and measure programs that accelerate revenue growth. Eloqua’s customers include Adobe, AON, Dow Jones, ADP, Fidelity, Polycom, and National Instruments. The company is headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, with offices in Toronto, London, Singapore and throughout North America. For more information, visit

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