News Digest June 10, 2012

  • Oracle Unveils Suites of Cloud Services to Compete With Salesforce, SAP

    Oracle has officially launched its public cloud market, Oracle Cloud, thus entering a segment that has long shunned by the world’s number two software major and the world’s largest database maker.

    Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has introduced suites of cloud services including Oracle Cloud Social Services, a business social platform, Oracle Cloud […]

  • Intel Joins to Launch Cloud-Based Identity Solution

    Intel on last week launched a cloud service password management that is fully integrated with, to give customers an alternative to single sign on software on cloud.

    The Single-Sign-On (SSO) cloud service delivered on, and’s social enterprise platform had been launched in beta in February, is now available in its […]

  • Cloud Disaster Recovery Revealed – How To Guide

    Most businesses do have Disaster Recovery plans when it comes to their data but more than half of businesses still rely on onsite DR capabilities. According to Evault’s Andy Brewerton, everyone should consider migrating to the cloud, especially when it comes to protecting data.

    Disasters do happen and these can affect your data – […]

  • Pricing Critical for Cloud Decisions – Survey

    The unsteady economic climate is causing businesses to re-evaluate their on-site IT infrastructures and resources. According to Rise, a hosted services provider, a third of the businesses polled felt that managed services were a more cost-effective alternative. The survey was offered to over 100 businesses in order to gauge their receptiveness to Cloud Computing.


  • Oracle is Going Social

    It turns out that Oracle’s buying spree is not yet over, as the database giant has recently announced plans to purchase social marketing services specialist Vitrue. The terms for the purchase were not disclosed, but a statement announcing the planned acquisition specified the usual cloud and SaaS checkmark items. According to the statement, Vitrue […]

  • NASA Ending Relationship With OpenStack

    According to a recent Web Host Industry Review report, Karen Petraska, who is an executive in NASA’s CIO office, recently announced to the attendees of the Uptime Symposium last May 22 that NASA will be scaling back the development of their OpenStack project after it has hit the commercialization stage.

    NASA was one of […]

  • Wires In A – Supposedly – Wireless World

    Due to the addition of multiple undersea cables, the amount of bandwidth available throughout the globe has increased and seems capable of keeping up with the ever increasing demand, but when it comes to prices, the rates are still restrictive and can be very expensive in certain routes, such as those in Africa and […]

  • Cloud Storage Provider Box is Scoring with Enterprises

    The California-based Box boasts of 11 million existing users and is currently positioning itself in the market as an IT-friendly safe and secure way for users, particularly business-oriented ones, to store presentations, documents, and photos that can be shared as needed.

    The new enterprise-wide search capability gives system administrators the ability to search, view, […]

  • Oracle Ready To Storm The Clouds

    At the recent D10 conference, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle shared some tidbits regarding the company’s announcement on June 6 regarding their recent cloud-based platform as well as the company’s complete rewrites of ERP and CRM applications. Larry Ellison, who co-founded Oracle way back in 1977, shared his ideas a lot of things from […]

  • Face to Face: Microsoft Office 365 vs Google Apps For Government

    Cloud application providers are now fighting over the government as their client. Microsoft has recently launched Office 365 for Government with a commitment that government data will be separate from the private consumers. The product, Office 365 for Government, offers the same features as the other Office 365 versions: Office Professional Plus, SharePoint Online, […]

  • Big Opportunities with Big Data Analytics

    A recent article by Wall Street Journal titled “Big Problem with Big Data” points to the scarcity of skilled professionals who can understand and work with big data. There is also another report which says that those companies who have big data have raised security risks because data hackers will target their […]

  • Cloud Reality – 14 Million New Jobs by 2015

    The cloud computing or cloud technology represents a new direction for business. This technology not only allows both SMEs and large companies organize more effectively their work but also the ability to generate employment.

    Microsoft released the results of a study commissioned from IDC about the growth prospects of cloud computing in terms […]

  • AWS Competitors are Trying to Get Ahead in the Game

    Cloud companies design their services using Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a role model, hoping that they will be able to get a portion of Amazon’s pie or attract a new market.

    Recent news reports that IBM is in partnership with Ogilvy and Mather to relocate the advertising titan’s SAP implementation from the hosted […]

  • The Database Battle: MongoDB vs MySQL

    The either-or debate when it comes to NoSQL and rational databases is far from settled.

    When it comes to web start-ups, NoSQL databases are pretty much the base technology and the majority of these companies choose MongoDB, CouchDB, etc. to meet their database requirements. Still, going the hybrid route might serve them better. […]

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