Rackspace Introduces 'Cloud Builders' Services And Support For OpenStack

Rackspace announced today it is is augmenting its OpenStack open-source cloud computing initiative with a new set of services and support options that will help partners and customers to better leverage the open cloud technology. The new support service is called Cloud Builders, and it is staffed by members of Rackspace’s OpenStack team as well as employees of the Rackspace acquisition Anso Labs.

OpenStack, which launched last year, is an open-source community-driven cloud initiative to which Rackspace and a series of technology partners like Cisco, Dell and many more contributed to.

Rackspace Cloud Builders will offer training classes and certification testing for designing, developing and administering OpenStack Clouds. Jim Curry, general manager for Rackspace Cloud Builders said that while Rackspace staffers will offer the training and certification materials at first,  the company also plans to bring a network of training and certification experts up to speed to offer training in their areas. Curry said beta training classes will launch in the second quarter with general availability in the second or third quarter. And by the end of the year Rackspace will train other OpenStack experts to begin training and educating others.

Media Sources: CRN, The Register

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