Big Opportunities with Big Data Analytics

A recent article by Wall Street Journal titled “Big Problem with Big Data” points to the scarcity of skilled professionals who can understand and work with big data. There is also another report which says that those companies who have big data have raised security risks because data hackers will target their servers because they stand to gain a lot of information from these servers. Some also fears that big data will be a divisive threat to every society.

However, in a ‘The Data Warehousing Institute’ survey last year, only 30% of respondents believe that big data pose a problem for their company. In that same survey, a huge 70% of respondents do not see big data as a big problem but rather a huge opportunity. Other observations in that survey revealed that big data can now take advantage of various systems like database systems, big data analytics, and high performance processor speeds. Also, with big data analytics, IT managers will be able to leverage or stop the root cause of change.

Finally, contrary to the Wall Street Journal article, the survey also reports that IT professionals now have expertise in handling big data in their organizations. Big data is now at the helm of creating data management best practices and it is quite successful with it. For example, SAP HANA client T-Mobile has reduced customer complaints and AOK Hessen, a German health insurer, is utilizing Sybase IQ in detecting fraud. Big data analytics is improving businesses and providing experience and opportunities to IT professionals.

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