Healthcare Cloud Services from Dell

Dell has rolled out at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2011 conference in Orlando, new subscription-based private cloud services for healthcare providers. These cloud services will provide a more streamlined access to patients’ archived information for easier sharing and management of the information between physicians, hospitals and other point of care.

These new cloud services stem from Dell’s newest acquisitions and partnerships.

  • Dell’s acquisition of medical archiving InSite One, provide healthcare providers medical data image archives, through Dell’s Unified Clinical Archiving (UCA) private cloud services. This private archiving cloud provides archives support, maintenance and disaster recovery.
  • Dell partnered with Microsoft Amalga health intelligence platform to provide medical records analytics capabilities that will help healthcare providers manage and consolidate patients’ records. Dell also added security features to the analytics cloud offering with the acquisition of Secureworks, to provide compliance with Federal and State Health Care data reporting requirements.

Healthcare providers want to reduce costs, add flexibility, and improve efficiency associated with the management of growing electronic medical records; up till lately they have been reluctant to go to the cloud because of security concerns. Therefore Dell’s new healthcare-focused cloud service offerings come in time to improve and streamline healthcare providers’ services. The advantages of the cloud include cost savings related to IT resources, and storage capacity and management.

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