News Digest July 15, 2012

  • The Future of Cloud Adoption

    Public cloud computing is one of the biggest factors that speed up the pace of changes that occur in enterprise software these days. Newcomers in the market are constantly launching innovations that can disrupt and attack the most price-sensitive sectors in […]

  • 45% of Networks Will be Obsolete in Next 5 Years

    According to information released by Dimension Data, 45 percent of network structures of some 300 companies audited by the service provider during the year 2011 will be totally obsolete in next five years.

    As per the Dimension Data’s Network Barometer Report 2012, a key factor for this massive jump in the initial stage […]

  • Hotels Offered More Expensive for Mac Users – Hadoop Big Data Use Case

    Mac users recently found out that when they search for hotels at the Orbitz website, they were provided with more expensive offers than PC users. This is possible through Hadoop, a technology platform capable of gathering information. The open source technology was able to gather information like those who use Mac computers choose […]

  • Red Hat Intends to Transform the Enterprise Storage and Hybrid Cloud Platform

    The Open Source solutions provider announced the availability of Red Hat Storage Server 2.0, an open source storage scalable solution designed to manage unstructured data.

    Red Hat Storage Server 2.0 is the first system to combine the innovations of the open source community and the benefits of capacity and cost effectiveness of standard x86 […]

  • A Cloudy Forecast?

    Amazon Web Services’ East Coast cloud was reported to have crashed for a second time due to a power outage because of a severe storm. A total of 1.3 million in Washington DC was affected. Because of this power outage, websites taking advantage of […]

  • Dell Acquires Quest For $2.36 Billion

    Dell finally acquires Quest Software when it agreed to pay $28 per share. The bid was 50 cents more than its previous bid. For this transaction, Dell has agreed to pay $2.36 billion to acquire Quest.  Last March, Insight Venture Partners offered to buy Quest for $23 per share. It contracted Vector Capital […]

  • What Amazon’s Downtime Taught Us

    Not to make light of the entire situation, but it seems that digital clouds are not completely immune to problems caused by real clouds, as severe storms that swept across the United States last June wiped out power for more than 2 million people, an outage that affected Amazon’s Elastic Compute cloud in Northern […]

  • Gartner Report: One Third of Digital Data will be in Cloud by 2016

    Mobile computing, social networking, connected devices and the desire to share contents across multiple devices will inspire consumers to store their digital data in the cloud.

    Gartner, the research firm, has come out with one more report of the growing importance of the cloud. Gartner said more than one third of all digital data […]

  • SAP’s Second Life

    It seems odd, but SAP has brought back its cloud service called ByDesign, simply for the purpose of making SuccessFactors use it – even though the cloud service was originally put on the chopping block by SAP itself.

    SuccessFactors is one of SAP’s recent acquisitions, with the price for acquiring estimated at around […]

  • News Digest July 8, 2012
    Cloud Companies to Watch: Enterprise OpenStack Pioneer – PistonIf you are not familiar with the company called Piston Cloud Computing, chances are you’re going to be within a few years, since the startup is currently developing technology that will give way to the next generation of Internet cloud services. Basically, Piston Cloud […]

  • Where is Oracle Heading?

    Experts are currently puzzled, and some of them even shocked, at Oracle’s latest public cloud vision, in which the software company continues their lock-in approach, which is not a good idea considering the direction taken by the cloud industry these days.

    Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison recently reintroduced the <a title=”Oracle Unveils Suites […]

  • Google Compute Engine: 5 Reasons Why This Will Change the Industry

    Google’s new IaaS offering, called Compute Engine, is one of the biggest things that has happened to the cloud computing industry in such a long time and here are five reasons why:

    PaaS is still to ambitious to work on a large scale

    Microsoft’s failure to create a successful business out of […]

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