News Digest July 8, 2012

  • Cloud Companies to Watch: Enterprise OpenStack Pioneer – Piston

    If you are not familiar with the company called Piston Cloud Computing, chances are you’re going to be within a few years, since the startup is currently developing technology that will give way to the next generation of Internet cloud services. Basically, Piston Cloud Computing is going to pave the way for changes on […]

  • SAP Report Highlights Big Gains for SMBs with Big Data

    Another report predicts the growing benefit of Big Data among Small and Midsize enterprises (SMBs). This time, online poll was conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of enterprise application software provider SAP AG.

    The survey is the result of the poll conducted among 154 C-suite executives across wide range of industries in the US. […]

  • How Europe is Embracing Cloud Computing

    The European Commission’s panel on privacy is planning to promote the concept of cloud computing and aims to endorse it as legal under the continent’s privacy law. In line with this, the commission also encourages organizations and companies to learn how to police themselves better in order to protect data and personal information that […]

  • Samsung is Joining the Cloud

    In a recent announcement, Samsung has confirmed that they are considering the idea of hosting their own cloud service, in order to extend the appeal of their Android-based devices to enterprises. Samsung is looking into the idea of building cloud based services that will help connect a wide variety of devices based on different […]

  • Google’s Cloud Security Reaches New High

    As of May 28, Google’s cloud security reached a new high when Google Apps for Business earned ISO 27001 security certification.  Although the news of the certification caused a lot of hype in both the business and the technology worlds, not many people are aware of just how important this security certification is for […]

  • Google Compute Engine and Google Drive to Overtake the Competition?

    The highlight of the second day of Google I/O 2012 has focused on the cloud services of Google. First, Google has introduced the new features of Chrome, launching the browser application for iOS devices. Then it was the turn to Google Drive with two important innovations.

    Google has presented two important developments regarding […]

  • Ensuring Cloud Security – Challenges Ahead

    With the present attention the cloud is getting, it is but normal to be concerned about security. The cloud is popular because it is able to all music and personal emails which can be accessed through mobile devices or computers. Government agencies also use the cloud for its data storage so that its people […]

  • Why Microsoft Paid $1.2 Billion to Acquire Yammer

    Microsoft has officially announced it has purchased Yammer for an amount of $1.2 billion in cash.

    Launched in 2008, Yammer is a social network for business – an intranet modern sort – allowing employees to exchange information and collaborate within their company. Yammer is often described as ‘Facebook for business’.

    Yammer has 5 million […]

  • Amazon EC2 Outage Reveals Challenges of Cloud Computing

    Data center and cloud hosting services, Amazon cloud infrastructure suffered a power outage last week, creating problems for their clients which lasted more than 24 hours.

    The blackout was lasted several hours affecting tens of notable sites including Foursquare, Quran, Moby and Reddit. Many large EC2 users ended up losing valuable business data. Chartbeat […]

  • The Fight Over Platform-As-A-Service

    Even though Platform-as-a-Service is relatively new, there are IT experts who believe that it can be the most significant cloud structure. Recently, the world’s largest cloud computing service providers sat down to discuss PaaS. At the Cloud Leadership Forum,, Microsoft, Google, and IBM presented their views regarding PaaS.

    Platform-as-a-Service can be an […]

  • Cloud Computing API Standard: Will It Ever Happen?

    Experts do not believe that an API standard will be implemented in the near future. This is primarily because each of the cloud computing service providers has its own API definition. Although there is a real need to standardize APIs, these providers are really not bent on moving towards standardization because the APIs are […]

  • IBM Offers Big Data Analysis Tool

    IBM recently launched an analytics application program which can analyze and correlate big data. The software also includes sentiment analysis culled from social networks. In one single platform the application is able to provide optimization techniques, predictive analytics, and business rules. The software, called Analytical Decision Management, is for end […]

  • News Digest July 1, 2012
    Assessing The Costs of Cloud OutagesAccording to the International Working Group on Cloud Computing Resiliency (IWGCR), the total downtime of 13 well-known cloud services since 2007 amounts to 568 hours, which has an economic impact of around $71.7 million dollars.

    In IWGCR’s research, they have stated that the 7.5 hours per […]

  • Amazon Web Services vs OpenStack: We Need Choice

    Rackspace’s President, Lew Moorman, has recently made a statement regarding the cloud market, basically stating that the industry needs to have an open source alternative to the current leader in public cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services. According to the Rackspace executive, the market is currently flooded with AWS clones, which means customers don’t really […]

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