Savvis Releases Government Wide Service (GWS) platform in the UK

Savvis announced today that its Government Wide Service (GWS) platform is now available to all government departments and third-party suppliers in the United Kingdom. GWS was developed to help the government achieve its ambition of creating a G-Cloud – a hosted environment for public sector IT operations and services.

Government agencies looking to reduce costs use Savvis’ pre-built, accredited GWS platform which looks  to eliminate upfront capital costs for new projects and also decreases deployment time. Rather than the costly procurement, maintenance and management of hardware, government IT departments benefit from immediate access to infrastructure on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Neil Cresswell, managing director, EMEA, at Savvis said: “Historically, progress in delivering the e-government agenda has been hampered due to high costs and complexity around government-required risk control and security management”. “Making GWS available to the market removes these hurdles; opening up the government market to a wider range of suppliers and offering government bodies the potential to cost-effectively deploy new services, paying only for the IT infrastructure that they actually consume.”

“GWS has the potential to be more than a platform: It could serve as a SaaS marketplace for the U.K. government,” Cresswell said. “By providing a level playing field for software vendors to deliver services for government departments, GWS ushers in a new wave of smart services and lays the groundwork for government application stores, which will further drive down the cost of IT for the country.”

Reference: PRNewswire

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