The 10 Most Disruptive and Emerging Technologies for CIOs

Deloitte issued today it’s annual Technology Trends report which identifies the 10 disruptive and emerging technologies that are expected to play a crucial role in how businesses will operate globally over the next 18 months. For 2011 Deloitte identified 10 important trends, grouped in two categories:

1.      (Re)Emerging Enablers: represents 5 trends that CIOs are familiar with but worth revisiting.

2.      Disruptive Deployments: represents 5 trends with significant new opportunities, and when deployed could disrupt the cost, capabilities, or even the core operating model of IT and the business.

Mark White, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and a co-author of the report said “With 2011 well underway, CIOs should be evaluating the progress made on their New Year’s resolutions and taking full advantage of technologies that have the ability to dramatically improve and advance their business operations and decision-making. We have evaluated, industry-wide, what is working and what is not when it comes to IT and have identified 10 technologies that are likely to transform the enterprise over the next 18 months.”

(Re)Emerging Enablers:

–       Virtualization

–       “Almost-Enterprise” Applications

–       Cyber Intelligence

–       CIOs as Revolutionaries

–       The End of the “Death of ERP”

Disruptive Deployments:

–       Real Analytics

–       Social Computing

–       User Engagement

–       Applied Mobility

–       Capability Clouds

The full report can be downloaded on Deloitte’s website free of charge: Tech Trends 2011: The Natural Convergence of Business and IT

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