Cloud Migration Report States Security and Monitoring Tools as Important

Business IT solutions that are considering upgrading their computer systems and migrating from a private cloud infrastructure must consider pitfalls and provide the necessary security and monitoring to avoid these situations from happening. This is based on a report made by migration specialist SANpulse.

The report stated that there are many areas to be considered before shifting from a traditional IT system to that of a private cloud virtualization platform. This information was discussed in detail in the report entitled: “Migrating to the Private Cloud: Evolution of Infrastructure into a Service Model.” The report can be downloaded on the SANpulse website.

For large scale businesses, security is the number one concern in their process and production management. The report by SANpulse warns that businesses might have a compromised security system once confidential data are exposed; it may even cause delays in business production and dissatisfaction of clients from customer service that is greatly affected by the migration process.

Moreover, the report also discussed about the necessity of understanding the existing traditional IT setup. Different IT companies offering a new IT environment must ensure the following conditions: IT solutions being offered must behave in a non-intrusive manner and be able to provide efficient configuration details where the key people in the business can see and understand who is working on what projects at a glance in real time. The new IT cloud infrastructure will require close collaboration efforts between: operational users from the team, servers, network memory database and application owners.

Since the existing computer IT solutions are dynamic and can handle present issues; virtualization and cloud computing migration’s new infrastructure should be able to perform much better than the old system by monitoring every detail of file movements, tracks changes and perform process encapsulation during various migration activities.

Lastly, the report also mentioned the need to ensure that major degradation incidents are minimized if not prevented and that the cloud virtual infrastructure will provide timely alerts in case of major issues that need immediate attention. And that only data that need to migrate are allowed to move within the virtual environment and that the security is in place while the cleanup is in progress.

To view the full text of this report visit: Security, Monitoring Tools Essential for Cloud Migration: Report.

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