Rightscale Introduces Its Multicloud Marketplace

RightScale recently announced the release of its new MultiCloud Marketplace, a clearing tool for ready-to-run customizable software that is devised to perform the best practices in managing server applications in the cloud. This will offer a free market for vendors in selling user applications, middleware features, web servers and more. RightScale’s ServerTemplate will provide automated cloud-ready applications that will enable cloud servers to start up and automatically configure without the need for a manual set up.

Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale said about their product, “Cloud infrastructure delivers unprecedented agility, but launching and managing applications in the cloud with high operational excellence is still complex and time consuming,” he added  “That’s why we built the MultiCloud Marketplace – to provide our users access to cloud-ready software deployments where the operational excellence is already built-in, using RightScale’s and our partners’ years of experience launching and operating large scale cloud deployments. In addition, we’re delighted to see that the MultiCloud Marketplace has become a true open community in that individual users are contributing also.”

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