SolidFire Launches Early Access Program for Cloud Service Providers

SolidFire, a Boulder-based company that is developing all solid-state data-storage systems for cloud service providers, launched today its worldwide Early Access Program for cloud service providers.

CloudTimes reported last week that Dave Wright, Founder and CEO, will be participating in the “Cloud Storage: Moving Beyond Backup” panel at the GigaOM Structure conference June 23 at 9:05 San Francisco, CA. CloudTimes is an official media sponsor at GigaOM Structure.

SolidFire uses exclusively solid-state which enables cloud service providers to significantly increase system performance while simultaneously increasing capacity utilization to more than 85 percent. Cloud service providers can also guarantee performance regardless of volume because the performance within a SolidFire system is virtualized separately from capacity.

The company is also revealing details about its all-SSD storage technology that addresses the unique technical and economic requirements of primary block storage in the cloud.

Dave Wright, CEO and Founder of SolidFire said in a press release “Our discussions with cloud providers continue to show that traditional disk-based architectures are not suited for broad-scale deployment within the cloud.  These systems quickly become I/O-bound at cloud scale, leaving customers with poor and unpredictable performance.  In addition, traditional storage system are complex to manage, expensive and lack the automation that cloud service providers require. At SolidFire, we are changing the way primary block storage services are deployed and managed within the cloud. The Early Access Program that we are announcing today will take our fully tested all-SSD systems into cloud providers’ environments with guaranteed Quality of Service, inline data efficiencies, and automated management – all at price comparable to spinning disk.”

I had the chance to interview Dave Wright at GigaOM Structure in June 2011 in San Francisco:

About SolidFire
SolidFire delivers high-performance and high-efficiency primary storage for cloud service providers.  The SolidFire Element™ operating system combines a scale-out all-solid-state architecture with patented efficiency technologies that dramatically reduce power, cooling, and capacity consumption.  Designed for operation at cloud-scale, the SolidFire multi-tenant architecture enables cloud service providers to guarantee sustained performance to thousands of servers within a single storage system.

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