CloudWiz: Capacity Planning in a Wizard

Capacity planning is a vital component of cloud computing adoption that involves understanding necessary resource requirements in order to meet the anticipated needs of customers and users.

Companies who are able to predict their computing needs can reserve capacity and plan for their predicted usage based on their IT budgets.  Other models allow organizations to utilize an on-demand, pay-per-use model which may be more economical. Regardless, capacity planning should be a high priority for CIOs and IT managers to cost effectively meet IT resource and financial goals.

To help  organizations assess the potential value that can be generated by  a transfer to the cloud, Gravitant has developed the CloudWizTM – a free tool that can help potential cloud customers evaluate the option of going cloud in less than 5 minutes.  The CloudWizTM allows users to plan capacity, compare vendors and analyze ROI. Once a CloudWizTM user has filled out their current resource utilization and projected demand, they can then compare vendors with respect to cost and QoS and ultimately determine ROI benefits.

“Plan capacity, compare providers, and analyze ROI… all in 5 minutes? It’s almost like Analytics-as-a-Service!”, says Ilyas Iyoob, PhD, Sr. Scientist and Manager of Cloud Analytics at Gravitant.

This simple three-step wizard is also useful for Cloud service providers when they onboard new clients as well as for cloud consultants to help organizations assess the impact of replacing physical servers with a cloud solution.

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