Cloudera Launches its New Enterprise Hadoop Suite

This week, Cloudera announced its new product offering in Santa Clara, Cloudera Enterprise. This new product is focused on providing their enterprise customers to include Apache Hadoop into their production.

Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera said, Enterprise Hadoop is a “next-generation data management software and the first product specifically designed to help organizations fully leverage the Apache Hadoop platform in a production environment, enabling them to cost-effectively store, manage and analyze all of their data.”

Olson added, “Cloudera is leading the way with Cloudera Enterprise. We offer a package of software and support that lowers the barriers and enables them to easily and safely put Hadoop into production.” Cloudera official statement said, “Combining Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH), integrated deployment management tools and enterprise-class support, Cloudera Enterprise” represents a solid “choice for large-scale and complex data management. Cloudera Enterprise enables organizations to quickly and easily take advantage of the power of Hadoop to extract value out of their most granular and voluminous data, which often had to be either put to long-term storage or discarded. Inspired by direct customer feedback, the new management tools address crucial enterprise deployment requirements faced by customers as their deployments grow. The feature-rich tools include authorization management and provisioning, integration configuration, and monitoring and resource management, and simplify the operation of Hadoop clusters as they grow and mature.”

Anil Madan, director of engineering for Analytics Platform Development at eBay, said “The new management tools delivered in Cloudera Enterprise fill an important need for managing our Hadoop cluster. These new tools make it easy to perform critical activities including user access, authorization and life-cycle management of end-user jobs.”

The new product release is expected to allow organizations to supervise and monitor cloud-based user activity. The features will add LDAP integration to allow direct integration between the organization and their user authentication management; it will also allow delegation of group administration so that individual clusters can manage their own group of users and administrators will be given access and control to review user’s activity as an advanced security measure.

Christian Hasker, director of product management at Quest Software, said “Quest has partnered with Cloudera because of their expertise for Hadoop, which is reflected in Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop, their comprehensive distribution offering for Apache Hadoop. With our first project to build an Oracle connector for Hadoop under way, we look forward to an ongoing collaboration with Cloudera to help make Hadoop more accessible for organizations.”

The company said that Cloudera Enterprise integration and monitoring tools will make management of data easier into a Hadoop cluster. Some of the best features include group configuration and change management allowing administrators to use various interfaces and connections, plus the utilization of the central console will also allow administrators to oversee all activities and data flow within the system giving them access to manage exceptions.

Rachel Chalmers, research director for The 451 Group said, “Increasingly, organizations are turning to Hadoop for cost-effective storage and large-scale analysis of enterprise data. Cloudera Enterprise makes it possible for enterprises looking to leverage the advantages of Hadoop to do so in a safe and supported manner.”

“Sold as a subscription, Cloudera Enterprise also includes enterprise-class support providing organizations with the peace of mind needed to put Hadoop into production in the most critical data processing workloads,” Mahony said.

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