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  • CloudTimes Partners with CIO Cloud Summit
    We are happy to announce a new media partnership with a leading cloud computing event that is coming up in December: The CIO Cloud Summit in Scottsdale, AZ from Dec 8th – Dec 9th.

    The CIO Cloud Summit is an opportunity for CIOs and technology executives from multiple industries to explore critical cloud computing […]

  • Amazon Announces Unlimited Cloud Storage

    As competition increases in the cloud media streaming market, Amazon made a move Wednesday to get ahead of Apple’s launch in fall of its new iCloud service and announced that Cloud Drive and Player are now available for people to store and retrieve unlimited amounts of music files for $20 a year. However, all […]

  • Gluster Partners with GoGrid on Cloud Storage

    Storage software developer Gluster has partnered with cloud infrastructure provider GoGrid to make its open-source storage solution available on the GoGrid platform.

    Innovative cloud storage solution now in beta and available on enterprise-leading cloud computing infrastructure to increase availability and performance and drastically simplify management of cloud storage

    Gluster’s scalable […]

  • Alibaba Introduces its own Mobile Cloud System

    The Alibaba Cloud Computing unit of the Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is soon to come out with its own cloud-operated system for mobile phone gadgets. Alibaba will have it released by the third quarter of this year according to an unofficial source. As other companies are battling for cloud software services for smartphones, they […]

  • The Future of In-Vehicle Cloud Computing

    It is becoming apparent with the recent developments in the vehicle industry that the opportunity in the mobility space is increasing. This year could be the year cars leverage a major platform for apps.

    Automakers are pairing with Internet companies, such as BMW’s support for Apple’s iPod Out and the arrival of Nokia’s Terminal […]

  • Companies on the Rise with Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing remains to be the most important phase of the IT industry at the moment, but it also remains to create opposing effects of hope and dread in the business world. For those who are prepared and see its benefits, they see it as a means of revenue saving, but for others who […]

  • Exploring the Future of the Cloud

    Almost everyone is hopping aboard the cloud. New effective web development articles usually contain references to cloud technology. It is clear that cloud-based computing systems will be here to stay and dominate the common computer application programs.

    The move from mainframe architecture to personal computing marks the change towards offloading certain facets of it […]

  • New PCI Guidance Upends Virtualization Status Quo

    Securing Virtual Payment Systems, an Information Supplement authored and recently published by the Virtualization SIG of PCI’s Security Standards Council, provides clearer guidance for how to achieve and maintain PCI compliance in virtual environments. The new guidance is far reaching and significantly challenges the virtualization security status quo. Virtual system administrators and security analysts […]

  • Creating a Better Digital Asset Management System in the Cloud

    If your digital assets are not well managed and secure in the cloud, they’re susceptible to threats both online and in the real world. In that respect I was introduced to MediaValet, a Digital Asset Management Solutions company out of Vancouver.

    MediaValet is the first 100% cloud-based solution in this traditional, server-based […]

  • Cloud Automation Provider Hatsize Extends Leadership in Education Market

    Hatsize, a leading cloud-automation software provider of hands-on demos and training, announced this week a strategic partnership with Certification Partners, a leading provider of vendor-neutral Web technology education and certification, to help deliver industry-validated IT training courses and certifications through high schools, online universities, training companies and industry associations via the Hatsize […]

  • Apigee Launches First PCI-Compliant API Management Solution in the Cloud

    Apigee, a leading provider of API products and services which was formerly known as Sonoa Systems, announced their PCI-compliant Enterprise API management solution in the cloud. APIs are key in IT today and there are several organization competing for the lead on API management like Mashery, 3scale, Stratus Security or WebServius.

    The new […]

  • OS33 Partners with Cloupia to Deliver Effective, Agile and Secure Cloud Services

    OS33, an IT-as-a-Service Delivery Platform for MSPs, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Cloupia, a cloud automation and management software provider, to power its Virtual Datacenter Controller and help service providers overcome today’s limited ability to provision infrastructure resources on the fly. In working with the Cloupia, which provides […]

  • Square Scores $100Million in Third Round Funding

    Square, a Mobile payments startup, announced this morning that it has raised $100 million in Series C financing which puts its valuation close $1 billion according to the Wall Street Journal. The funding round was led by high-profile venture capital firm Kleiner […]

  • HP to Set Up Cloud R&D in China

    HP’s CEO Leo Apotheker revealed his plans to invest heavily in China and plans to develop cloud-computing products there to sell globally.

    HP opened a cloud computing centre this week in the port city of Tianjin and announced a server computer networking and development centre in Beijing.

    Apotheker said at a news conference in […]

  • 5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Cloud

    Cloud computing and cloud-based storage are two of the fastest growing technologies in enterprise IT. Conversion of the “trend” into real productivity gains, is still to be seen in real life.

    Below we have pointed out 5 key areas where we believe that cloud computing will make the most impact towards realizing higher productivity […]

  • 25 Cloud Vendors to Watch Out For

    Forrester Research projected that by 2020, the cloud computing business will be worth $241 billion dollars! Both SaaS and cloud computing platforms have promised to cut the costs by doing away with the huge software licenses.

    There are at least 25 cloud vendors who are brawling for the big chunk of the market share, […]

  • Cloudera Launches its New Enterprise Hadoop Suite

    This week, Cloudera announced its new product offering in Santa Clara, Cloudera Enterprise. This new product is focused on providing their enterprise customers to include Apache Hadoop into their production.

    Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera said, Enterprise Hadoop is a “next-generation data management software and the first product specifically designed to help organizations fully […]

  • How to Prepare Your iTunes for the Cloud

    If a large percentage of your digital music library was acquired from sources other than iTunes, such as burning CDs (as is the case for most people), and you haven’t manually and painstakingly entered metadata (track name, artist, etc.), then there are going to be some bumps in the road syncing with iCloud via […]

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