Cloud Computing Boosts Indian Technology and Economy

Gartner predicts cloud computing will rise as the most influential factor in terms of technology and economy. It will continue to be about applications and cloud services in 2012. Experts say that the cloud’s leasing scheme of digitized IT services, assets and business solutions will boost small to large business enterprises. This is a result of cloud’s accessibility through the Internet. This is a huge paradigm shift for information technology, IT infrastructure, product and services development and upgrade, and sales, marketing and delivery strategies.

The cloud platform, however, presents both threats and opportunities, in spite of its scalability, security and customization features. Cloud virtualization places outsourcing as the next IT trend in the delivery of industrial IT and business services by 2015. The prediction by experts is that cloud will continue to offer very low cloud services that will monopolize 15% of the top outsourcing companies. The figures show a disruption in the global IT market by $1-trillion.

A third world country like India also benefited from the cloud infrastructure as they emerged as one of the key IT players in terms of global delivery outsourcing. It is cloud’s focused outcome and real-time consumption model that differentiates it from the traditional model of outsourcing.  Because of this trend the need for skilled IT providers, standardized technology models and reliable best practices are needed to deliver quality outcomes and services for consumers.

The cloud platform also has a game-changing capability that is on a large industrial scale through its specialized IT services. As social gaming differs and upgrades in types and reach the cloud continues to provide the platform to make these game features and applications as innovative for the enterprise and as user-friendly and accessible for the consumers.

Business IT solutions are no longer just a back-office tool or process, rather it has the power to transform and innovate at all levels of the business framework. The exact reason why the need for IT providers will be on continued rise in the next decade or so. IT expertise will include end-to-end computer and IT solutions and consulting services.

With this scenario, Indian technology and economy will continue to grow and flourish, provided that India acquires the necessary skills, competency training and IT expertise to leverage them in the stiff completion for IT providers in the outsourcing business market.

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