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  • Piston Cloud Computing Takes on Private Cloud Security

    Piston Cloud Computing recently earned $4.5 million dollars of funding for supplying software in the crowded space of private cloud computing. Earlier this year and for several months Piston participated in the Nebula NASA project, and for awhile it has been the favored beta software for testing by early users. Joshua McKenty, […]

  • Cloud Control: Politics, Power and Revenue from the Cloud

    The current trend to move to virtualization was very evident at the Cloud Control Conference held last week in Boston that CloudTimes was sponsoring as a media partner. IT managers have different views and foresee different problems plus their probable solutions. However, there is one area that they all agreed, and […]

  • CIO Summit 2011: The Future of Cloud Computing

    IDC’s Asia Pacific Cloud services and technologies principal analyst, Chris Morris predicts that the future challenges to be faced by the chief information officer (CIO) of 2015 will be trends in outsourcing, the cloud giants dictating the trends with cloud vendors and the converged IT infrastructure.

    According to Morris who spoke at the recent […]

  • The Battle For The Social Cloud Has Just Started

    The new technology trend next year will be about strong connections between various electronic gadgets, PC’s and post-PC devices. It will be about the cloud dominion using shared interfaces, wireless communications, cloud-based database storage, which will highlight connections without using cords.

    This is what Google mobile apps is all about with the launch of […]

  • EMC Revenue Growth Continues

    EMC reported last Wednesday in the IDG News Service that the company’s revenue in the second quarter of this year has marked a new financial record. This steady increase is a result of huge demands from personal and business demands for a bigger database for their cloud computing efforts.

    The big bulk of revenue […]

  • Microsoft Entering the Social Gaming Arena with the Cloud

    Microsoft is helping game developers roll out games faster by offering them tools and, in return, having them host their games on Windows Azure. Microsoft launched this week at the Casual Connect in Seattle, a toolkit for developers that provides the basic code for a number of back-end game technologies which all […]

  • Creating a Dynamic and Compelling Cloud

    Virtualization could mean an end, but making a significant emphasis on that “end” is in fact the cloud.

    However, this idea does not have validity. The cloud is another tool in pursuing a fully dynamic, interoperable data environment for an even greater end.


  • Acer Plans Acquisition of Cloud-Service Provider iGware

    Accer announced today its plans to acquire cloud-service provider iGware for $320 million. iGware will become a new Acer division named Acer Cloud Technology Company.

    Acer says that it will deliver a new service, using the acquisition of iGware’s technology, called Acer Cloud, aimed at better serving Acer customers and enhancing Acer brand value.


  • Moves to the Cloud with 6Sense Semantic Search Technology

    Today, Monster Worldwide (NYSE: MWW) launched SeeMore, the world’s first semantic search and analytics platform for talent management, using secure Cloud technology.  Built on Monster’s successful 6Sense® semantic search technology, SeeMore provides Monster’s enterprise customers with intelligence and visibility into multiple talent pools, to help managers and recruiters identify, access and manage […]

  • Cloud Computing Reduces Energy Costs and Carbon Emissions

    According to a new study by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), large U.S. companies using cloud computing can achieve by 2020 annual energy savings of $12.3 billion and annual carbon reductions equivalent to 200 million barrels of oil,  enough to power 5.7 million cars for one year.

    Cloud Computing: The IT Solution for […]

  • Fed To Close 800 Data Centers Amid Shift to The Cloud

    The federal government says it plans to shut down 40% of its computer centers over the next four years in order to reduce cost and get up to speed with the latest technologies that enable computers to run at far higher levels of efficiency and use.

    In the plans detailed today, the Obama administration […]

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