Media Ratings Council Sets Standard for Mobile Advertising and Approves iAd

With the popularity of the mobile devices, a lot of advertisers are turning to mobile advertising to reach their intended consumers. However, there is a great debate on whether mobile ads truly generate new leads and sales to uplift a brand because it was found out that most advertisers are just wasting money because their ads are improperly displayed on these mobile devices.

Because of these findings, publishers and networks are asked for a more accurate report on how mobile ads are being delivered in order for these advertises to spend more on mobile marketing and also to make the mobile marketing industry more legitimate. The Media Ratings Council has recently given full accreditation to Apple’s iAd. The mobile advertising network has been found to adhere to the standards set by the Mobile Marketing Association and the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

iAd produced accurate reports of unique device visits, unique devices, conversions, average time spent, views per visit, views, visits, tap through rate, taps, and impressions. According to Apple, iAd is better than the others because it is better streamlined and that charges are made only for those advertisements which were fully rendered.

Because of Apple iAd’s feat, servers and networks will be pressured to standardize the procedures on how they produce and calculate reports for mobile ads. Google’s DoubleClick is currently undergoing accreditation also.

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