Bitcasa Debuts Infinite Storage, Blows Your Hard Drive's Mind

Today’s Startup Battlefield featured newcomer Bitcasa, showing you what a world with infinite storage will look like. CEO Tony Gauda demonstrated the power of Bitcasa, by streaming not one but two 1080 dpi movies – and at the same time.

Why you’d care about Bitcasa:

  • Infinite storage: Bitcasa makes the hard drive infinite. Through seamless integration between the cloud and any operating system, users can store terabytes of data on any device
  • Security, privacy: Client-side encryption means that data is secure and private. Only the user can see their data
  • Fast, predictive: Bitcasa employs the same methodology that credit card companies use when detecting fraud to create predictive fetching/caching/streaming, which determines what data a user wants
  • Bitcasa has over 20 patents pending

Since starting in February 2011, Bitcasa has received $1.3M in seed funding from VCs including Andreesen-Horowitz. The three co-founders all represent critical areas for Bitcasa:

  • Tony Gaudacomes from MasterCard, where he developed the security program that detects fraudulent activity on credit cards, and has an extensive background in AI and software dev
  • Joel Andren has extensive marketing and community development experience from startups as well as VeriSign
  • Kevin Blackham worked with Mozy on infrastructure growth.

One comment

  1. Lots of discussion has been around how they’d store uniq files. I think a missing piece is that they can and probably do dedupe at the block or sector level and not only and the whole file level. I wrote a post on how I think they do it. “Understand how Bitcasa can do what they say.”

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