Best Practices for Transitioning your On-Premise Software Business to the Cloud

SafeNet has spent the past several years working with software publishers that are planning for, or are in the process of, a migration of their on-premise applications to the cloud. This paper highlights the emerging trends and the key areas of migration in which to focus. It goes further to explain the challenges faced, and the lessons learned, from real- world experiences while defining a clear path to migration for software publishers. The ideas, experiences, technology, and best business practices presented in this paper will help you gain confidence in your ability to overcome the obstacles associated with cloud service delivery and achieve success.

Emerging Software Trend: SaaS Rise and On-Premise Decline

There is no longer any question, we are experiencing a shift in the way software is being delivered and consumed. Though the majority of software is still installed on-premise, as you can see from the chart below, research indicates an emerging trend toward SaaS. Buyers have indicated that their preference for on-premise software is falling and their preference for cloud-based software is on the rise.

Enterprise IT is experiencing the same evolution. Saugatuck Technology predicts that by the year 2014, fifty percent or more of new enterprise IT spending and sixty-five percent or more of new enterprise IT workloads will be for cloud- or hybrid- based projects.

They also predict that twenty-five percent or more of total enterprise IT workloads will be handled using cloud or hybrid-based solutions. It has become quite evident that business in general is moving to the cloud.


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