New IBM Big Data Security Tool Detects External and Internal Security Threats

The security landscape is undergoing profound changes. There has been advanced attacks, widespread fraud with the growing use of social media, mobility and cloud. While companies must manage growing volume of data, how the data should be protected when business is changing rapidly is the real concerns.

To help detect stealth threats that can be hidden in the growing corpus of data, IBM introduced a new tool, IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data, capable of analyzing large amounts of data, including e-mail and identify the facts of leakage of sensitive data, the work of insiders, fraud and other activities aimed at the disclosure of confidential corporate information.

The new solution allows correlations in real time on the basis of analysis of structured data (alarm device security, log on operating systems, network flows) and unstructured data (email, social media content, financial transactions) and collection of legal information. The idea is to collect this massive flow clues that indicate that the company is under attack or has been compromised, and how it happened.

IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data is based on two products, the corporate version of Hadoop open database with IBM InfoSphere BigInsights analytical tools and information management system on the safety and security events from IBM QRadar. The new cluster system (initial capacity of 500 TB) is to collect data, including the transmitted packets, security events, analyze the flow of content (e-mail, content, SharePoint, Pure business data), identify risks of attacks and ways that attackers can capture critical information. This combination helps organizations meet the challenges of the most critical security, including advanced persistent threats, fraud and insider threats.

For innovative companies seeking a thorough knowledge of security risks, the Security Intelligence with IBM Big Data provides unprecedented power detection, combining expertise in security and understanding through analytics.

Developed by IBM Labs, the tool has been designed so that it can be integrated into the clouds, but its starting point is likely near the deployment of enterprise data centers, where large amounts of data are readily accessible for operation.

IBM also said that Security Intelligence with Big Data includes tools for analyzing security threats on the classification system, and automated sequencing of safety data to a set of rules and information panels, which systematize industry practices and accelerate return on investment.

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